Grandparents Gift Guide

Grandparents Gift Guide

One of the best things ever invented was the Amazon Wish Lists!!!! My side of the family we all have a running wish list. It’s wonderful to be able to go to the list and buy something the person actually wants. It’s also fun to just send them a gift expectantly too!

What do you buy grandparents for Christmas? I am all about not buying “stuff” people are going to end up throwing in a corner or in a closet until they decide to donate it.

Have the grand kids make a video for the grandparents. You could do one for each. Here are some cute questions you could ask the kids to answer.

  • What makes Grandma/Grandpa happy?
  • What is Grandma/Grandpa favorite food?
  • How old is Grandma/Grandpa?
  • What does Grandma/Grandpa do when you aren’t at their house?
  • What makes Grandma/Grandpa laugh?
  • What do you and Grandma/Grandpa do together?
  • What do you love most about Grandma/Grandpa?

My mother in law loves the Shutterfly calendars. I take pictures from over the past year and make her one every year. This helps because it is one item I know she will love it!

Who doesn’t love a wonderful massage? Most people do! A spa day would be amazing. A massage, pedicure and/or facial. Everyone needs to relax and especially after the holidays!!!

Gift Cards!
  • Amazon Gift Cards!!! These are great for everyone! That way they can buy what they want. Some grandparents love their Kindle, so they can buy more books. Amazon offers every thing imaginable, so this is a great idea for anyone.
  • My dad always needs things and wants things from Tractor Supply. We bought him a gift card for his birthday. He called to tell us everything he bought with it. He liked being able to buy what he wanted and getting deals on things. If you know of your families favorite store this would be a great option.
  • Coffee or restaurant gift cards

The possibilities are endless when it comes to gift cards!

I hope this gives you some different ideas for your parents. Start making your list to get your Christmas shopping completed!

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