Gifts Your Lady Will Love

IMG_2767Can I be honest with you?  My husband and I have unique tastes when it comes to clothes and accessories.  He likes me in form fitting clothes and I like big tops so I don’t have to show the body I have after two kids.  He has bought me tons of purses and I still can’t find a bag that fits the diapers and baby food I usually carry.  Poor guy!  I know I sound like one high maintenance wife! LOL!


So I decided this year to compile a list of gifts that guys can’t go wrong with!
These gifts are UNIQUE, THOUGHTFUL and WILL BE APPRECIATED! You must mention for special rates and deals!

  1. FacialGet dinner delivered by Chef Nicole! Give your loved one a gift certificate to The Thymely Chef so she can use it when she needs a night off of cooking!
  2. Give the gift of a relaxing facial at Zenerations of Boca!  It is truly an oasis of relaxation.  AND most importantly when you give this gift, offer to watch the kids so she won’t feel guilty getting her facial!
  3. Couples Massages IN YOUR HOME!  That’s right CustomSpa is an amazing mommy run company that understands that sometimes all we want to do is RELAX in the comfort of our own home.  **This gift also includes a massage for YOU! No brainer!
  4. Couples massageDoTerra Essential Oils are an amazing gift to give as they provide relaxation, health and rejuvenation.  They are truly the perfect stocking stuffer or add on gift! Contact oils expert Dawn at 908.910.2819 or for a personalized consultation to figure out exactly what your lucky lady would enjoy!
  5. 12115472_883600478392414_4081823005697253690_nSunkissed Organic Spray Tan is a perfect gift to help your special woman to get her glow on. No streaks, fast drying and a great solution to easy beauty! Busy moms love quick beauty like Sunkissed Spray Tan and it is owned by a mom so she CONVENIENTLY COMES TO YOUR HOME!
  6. Now this one you have to KNOW YOUR WIFE very well.  My husband knows that my weight gain as a mom tormented me.  I wanted my baby weight OFF!  I asked him for the money to do a mommy fitness program, thus it was a gift I WANTED.  Only provide this gift if your loved one has mentioned that she would love to be able to work out!!
    **Operation Fit Moms– BRING YOUR BABY workout program with amazing childcare staff!
    **Prenatal and Beyond Fit– ONLINE fitness training for moms
    **One to One Fitness– PERSONALIZED fitness training for moms
    **Mommycise– BRING YOUR BABY workout programONe to One
  7. Is your wife pregnant?  Check out this amazing baby boutique. Their baby chew necklaces are definitely mom approved!  Or treat her tired feet to a pregnancy pedicure at Belly Love Spa!


This quote says it all, “Just because you become a mom or dad, make sure to remember you were husband and wife (or partners) FIRST!”   It feels good to get an experience or something that is unique rather than generic commercial goods (although women like that stuff too!)

And guys, the number one suggestion I gave my guy this holiday season was that he should go to The Salt Box for some rejuvenation himself!  It was a huge hit!

dreamstime mom and babyHappy Moms=Happy Kids=Happy Homes!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!