Gifts You'd Never Think to Buy Kids for The Holidays

Gifts You’d Never Think to Buy Kids for The Holidays


#6 Adopt an Animal from WWF!

This is perfect for all the little animal lovers! With different packages to choose from, there is a price range from $25-$250. The adoption kits include things like a photo, plush, certificate, species card, and gift box. There are almost 150 different species to choose from include elephants, pandas, penguins, leopards, camels, sloth and much more!






#5 Tickets to an upcoming show!

His first concert, Disney on Ice, her favorite musical, any child would love tickets to the right show!






#4 Money Maze Puzzle Box

What child doesn’t love getting money for the holidays? They can spend it on whatever they want. However, the biggest downfall of money is that it’s not fun to open unless you put it in one of these awesome puzzle boxes!








#3 Family Vacation!
Plan a trip to Disney, or Coco Key Resort, or even camping! Pack the surprise in a fun new suitcase(they are amazing) with a cute new outfit & toys to entertain them on the journey!








#2 Super Science Discovery Box!

The starter kit for any STEM obsessed child. This kit includes a different selection of items including cups, wood samples, various metals, fabric selection, fun rocks, carpet, astroturf, linoleum, netting, containers, glass tiles, chalk, tongs, pipettes, funnels, strainers, magnifying glasses, scrub brushes, flashlights, and sponges





#1 Local Museum or Zoo Passes!

Kid’s love day trips, but I don’t know any family who doesn’t occasionally need to watch the spending. Buying season passes to your local museum or zoo means no worry about paying for an entire year, translating to more visits and less stress! And kids will love it!






I hope this list helped you find a few new ideas for your holiday shopping! What are your favorite unique gifts for kids? What are your best gifts for elementary and school age kids?



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