How A Gender Reveal Helped Me To Survive The Surprise of My Life!

We are having a BABY GIRL!

It seems to be taboo for moms to talk about being shocked by a gender reveal…
So of course I WANT MOMS TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let’s talk about it!

My husband wanted to know privately what the gender of our baby was and I wanted to celebrate, as I love bringing positive people together! Belly Love Spa and Joyful Times Events teamed up for a gorgeous celebration- Girls Night IN, Shower Edition on Saturday. The pampering was amazing for all of the attendees, star power photographer Courtney Ortiz, wonderful food, wine, such a great celebration of motherhood!

Then the time came for the big reveal.
I strutted confidently with Joy the event planner to where the reveal was taking place.  My husband and I had done Shettles method- I just knew it had worked. I followed everything to a T tracking my basal body, watching for ovulation, making Justin drink coffee, timing it perfectly…No doubt in my mind I had the gender of our baby all figured out.

My blindfold got taken off. My mouth dropped open as I saw all of the fabulous ladies in their little pink crowns holding glasses of champagne.
Wait…back up…PINK!
My eyes scanned desperately for blue.
Then my brain started to see the beautiful pink crown, the pink billowing material and pink desserts.
I didn’t give my husband a boy.
Oh my gosh, I have 50 people looking at me.
Better smile!
I better react.
I was able to inhale and thank everyone and move onto giving out gifts to my special midwife Sharon Hamilton and doula Vivian Keeler.
Pull it together Michelle. Pull it together Michelle.

In the privacy of my car driving home I was able to call my husband and just started crying apologizing for not giving him a son. I just feel bad that I didn’t create a boy to carry on the family name and the son he wants to wrestle with.

Of course my husband the wise and loving person he is gently told me that Anjali our daughter will have a best friend for life. He reminded me we have a healthy family. He reminded me that we were told having kids would be hard and we need to be extremely grateful for our growing family.

Later that night my baby girl gave me a good hard kick telling me that we are so blessed to welcome another baby girl. I realized I am REALLY glad I had a gender reveal celebration so that this baby will have a happy memory and photos to commemorate the beautiful moment we found out about her gender.  I should have better prepared myself for the possibility of having another girl!  Should, coulda, woulda….

Thanks to the amazing planning by Joyful Times Events, the moment was surrounded with love and joy from all of the wonderful women who took time to join the celebration! Thank you for making such a positive impact on my life!!

Now that I have had time to digest the surprise, I feel grateful to know that my girls will play and love together as sisters.  I feel very grateful to be pregnant again and to have the opportunity to grow our family.

A very special thank you to the following businesses for partnering for a magical evening to celebrate motherhood and joining ihelpmoms mission to Make Motherhood Easier!

Belly Love Spa
Joyful Times Events
Courtney Ortiz Photography
Camilla Day Spa- Coral Square Mall
Dr. David Lubetkin
Boca Midwifery
Cutie Couture Cake Design Academy
Babies R Us

Love to you All,