The First Time Mom Vs The Third Time Mom Experience

The First Time Mom Vs The Third Time Mom Experience

Me Plus 3

With three kids 4 years old and under, I have officially become the mom I never thought I would be.

Ihelpmoms baby 3Yesterday, my husband went back to work.  After he walked out the door around 6:30 am, my four-year-old comes into my room right as I finally get to sleep after nursing the baby.  She says “Mom, can I eat my Valentines candy for breakfast?”
My third-time moms reply: Sure, just eat some fruit too!  Then I crashed out until my two-year-old woke up and I gave her some frozen waffles.  They may have even still been frozen I was so tired!
With the first two kids they never even had processed food until they were 18 months old, they never were allowed to have pacifiers for fear of dental damage, I tracked all of their sleep cycles and feeds, I never let them sleep in a swing….then I became a third time mom and here is what happened.

The Story

This time around I am having the most fun due to these great tips I finally figured out.
We hired a baby nurse for the first 3 nights while waiting for my milk to come in. With family 3,000 miles away, we have to plan our support and getting a baby nurse was one of the most stress relieving things I did.  I got 8 hours of intermittent sleep! Check out our amazing baby nurses and postpartum doulas!
I was nice to my husband after giving birth because we weren’t both totally exhausted!

I don’t check the clock.  When the baby is hungry I feed her.  I change her diapers and she sleeps and we repeat. I remember as a first time mom freaking out watching the sun come up.  Now I just embrace it as part of the journey.  She nurses allllll the time for a couple of days, and then we develop a natural feeding schedule that is right for both of us.  Sometimes I forget to put my shirt up after breastfeeding, so if you are dropping by…you may get a peep show.

I say YES to all food offerings.  With three little mouths to feed and the inability to drive yet, having friends bring by food is a lifesaver.  I used to think of it as a weakness to accept help.  This third time around I recognize that when you allow your friends to help it brings your relationship closer!  For my husband, I ordered Perfect Fuel meal delivery, which might be the smartest thing I have ever done.  He is full, the meals are perfectly proportioned healthy meals.  Perfect Fuel even gives moms a discount with this code:  ihelpmoms10.  I don’t have to worry about cooking and we get to enjoy time as a family!

I sleep when the baby sleeps.  Seriously I do.  With two little ones to give love and care to, I have to be ready to give them my energy.  I used to think that was lazy to take naps, now I understand it helps me to be happy and rejuvenates my milk supply! The combination of sleep and my placenta pills has helped me to avoid postpartum depression this time around!!

Finally, I am hibernating- and loving it!  The first two times  I had my parents visiting and friends around and looking back I overextended myself.  I have welcomed with open arms our Midwives, Doulas, Pediatricians, Chiropractors, Lactation Consultants that have been such an amazing support coming to the house to check on me and the baby!  Let’s be real, moms are still healing, wearing big awkward pads, walking slow, blubbery tummies, tired as can be….love my friends, but this time is perfect to just take some time to recover.  I don’t feel guilty putting off visitors for a week as I am loving this special time to relax, rejuvenate and cuddle my girls!

I had so much fear about bringing a third baby into our home.  Life was in a sweet spot with two kids, working, being a great wife and having a blast doing it all. Now I see what so many veteran moms know about adding that 3rd.  Yes, you are outnumbered, but I have found it helps me to focus on only the truly important things, and for now, while this new baby coos in her swing, I am sitting back, relaxing and enjoying this glorious ride.

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  • Chalmers


    February 16, 2017

    So happy to read this and you will figure out a groove! I told your hubby that learning to juggle two was my proudest achievement and I truly felt like an awesome Mom….but then three broke me and I realized that Momming is really about your village and the ability to squeeze in your own daily bread! It’s always a party! Lol! (Especially with boys!) Prayers for strength, rest, healing and the ability to accept all the love and light that Moms give in return.

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