First Time Mom Mistakes

First Time Mom Mistakes

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Miles, Founder of Lizzy’s Garden Organic Baby Food and between us we have 6 kids!! We figured out we have wasted SO MUCH MONEY on things we didn’t need!

Did you know that you CAN be friends with moms that think differently than you? LOL!

So many times as a first time mom I can remember comparing styles of parenting or feeling judged over the different teething, sleep, nutrition, health, solutions.  After talking with Jennifer  about our journey’s I realized we have chosen our own paths for our families and all of our kids are healthy and happy!

It was so refreshing to sit down with an amazing mom, amazing entrepreneur and INSPIRING WOMAN to share our likes, our mistakes and our shared wisdom!  Moms united, doing good together…a great life!

Here are some of the things we LOVE and that were totally worth the money!

The Ergo

Lizzy’s Garden Organic Baby Food– All Natural, Non GMO, No Additives!

Camille Teething

Pillow Of Health – Moms Get A Discount With Code MOM25

Nose Freida and I just learned about Boogies Be Gone as well at a baby fair last week!

Baby Aire Saline

Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag

These products in conjunction with our Family Experts have helped our families to be healthy and happy!  We encourage all moms to get empowered and educated by speaking with your healthcare providers prior to trying any of our suggestions and there is one thing we know for sure!
It’s Your Baby, Your Choice!

We love making motherhood easier at with amazing family experts like
Lizzy’s Garden!

Cheers to healthy, happy kids.
See our episode here!


Less judgement, more love!
Michelle Founder/CEO



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