FIRST READ THIS, then watch the Similac video and tell me you don't judge!

FIRST READ THIS, then watch the Similac video and tell me you don’t judge!

Watching this Similac video was interesting.  I am going to put a test down below however to see if the video really made you think about being less judgemental.

photo-69I feel like as a first time mom we are quicker to judge because you are fresh off of reading ALL of the baby ‘expert’ books and you are so focused on your fabulous baby (who of course is the most perfect baby in the world;).  Lets be honest, at times it is like reverting back to middle school when you walk in to mommy groups and you shelter YOURSELF by judging others!  Often our judgements are a mirror of our own insecurities.

I learned over the course of motherhood the best thing to do was to just listen and trust to my own motherly intuition.   I feel judged ALL the time that I have home births (I BET YOU JUST RAISED YOUR EYEBROWS IN JUDGEMENT;) and I love Hypnobirth with Amazing Births and Beyond (and I believe women should have the PERSONAL RIGHT to choose how they birth so they are comfortable and confident however they choose!) and that I breastfed my first and bottle fed my second and that I am a working mom and a stay at home mom.  Trust me, I am judged daily! I have learned that by loving others- simply by recognizing the bond we have as mothers doing the best that we can– I became very fulfilled in motherhood. believes in More LOVE.  Less judgement.  We can never walk a mile in another mommy’s shoes, but we can remember that perspective is a powerful thing and to just be the best mom we can be to our little bundle of joys!


And the most important question to ask yourself: Is there a mom that is raising kids completely different than you do and you love her and think her kids are amazing?!  Your answer is hopefully YES! The way we birth, the way we feed our babes, the way we parent, the way we put our kids to sleep are all different.  AND THAT 100% OKAY. So therefore we can safely assume THERE IS NOT ONE RIGHT PATH TO RAISE A BABY.  JUST LOVE THEM!  

I started so moms like me, who often feel judged for our decisions, have a safe place to come.  A place where there is not judgement, just love.  A place where you can find family EXPERTS to help you and your family to be happy and healthy YOUR WAY!

Good video: IS the website for MOMS to make motherhood easier and bring together moms to make POSITIVE change in the world!  AND WE PAY YOU TO BE A GREAT MOM!
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