Finding a good Pediatrician

Finding a good Pediatrician

Find a Provider 1Ugh… I have had 3 of the 6 kids {so far} come down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease… This lovely little virus is very contagious but doesn’t really do anything. They are just get spots… it sounds worse than it really is, but still… it means we are stuck inside so we don’t infect anyone else.

So going through this got me thinking about pediatricians. We have moved so often that we are always looking for new pediatrician. Going through the process of finding a new doctor can be a lot of work, but it is so important that you find a doctor that you connect with and that you are comfortable treating your child.

IMG_4858It is not uncommon to sit down with a doctor and get to know them a bit, ask them questions make sure you and him or her are on the same page. Before you do that it’s really important for YOU to know where YOU stand on things relating to your child’s care.

Are you going to follow the vaccination schedule? Will you delay it, or will you not vaccinate at all?

If you have a boy that is not circumcised does the doctor know the proper care for that?

Do you think that medication to help with illness is the way to go, or would you rather have your doctor offer alternative ways to overcome certain things.

You don’t ever want to come away from an office visit feeling like you have been bullied or talked into something that you don’t want for your child. Where a doctor went to med. school is a lot less important to me than what they believe in and how the treat my child.

Other things to ask about and are important as well…

Edna and MichelleHow does he or she deal with contagious sicknesses?

How is the waiting room cleaned? {kind of crazy but a lot of sick kids go to the doctor… and things get passed around there as well}

Are there exceptions to the rules for preemie babies coming in? {When I had my preemie we came in the back door with a room already for us until my child was 4 months old. It was nice knowing that I didn’t have to worry about him picking anything up there while he was so small}

Is the doctor happy to refer out when needed or will you have to fight for a referral?

Sitting down and just talking things out will help you know if this doctor is right for you and your family.

When you go come with a list of questions and be mindful of his or her time. If you think that you might be awhile let the receptionist know and have them schedule appropriately. Make sure you don’t run into someone else’s appointment time. Be sure to look around and get a feel for what it’s like

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Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

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