Find Out How I Saved Money and Got A Much Needed Mom Makeover

When you are a mom ‘you’ time is sparse. The simple act of getting your hair cut, colored or styled can make you feel luxurious, relaxed and sexy! Now here’s the tough part- finding a sitter or carving out the time to get to a salon…

What if you could have a trustworthy, talented hair stylist come to your house?
I was lucky enough to have Chic Hair Services come to my home to style my hair and I had the opportunity to interview the company’s founder Caitlin!


How long have you been styling hair: 7 years

Why are you passionate about helping moms: My sister is a mom and I have seen first hand the importance of making things convenient, affordable and easy for moms!

What days are best for you to provide in home services to our moms?
Mondays and Tuesdays

What services do you provide: Haircuts, Blowouts, Styling, Color, Highlights and Keratin Straightening

Why do you love being a hair stylist? My grandfather owned a salon, so I literally grew up playing beauty shop. The passion for hair styling has been in my family for generations and I love making people feel good!

My burning question: Why can a stylist make my hair looks so good and when I try it ends up falling flat and dull?  Simply put a hair stylist has a better perspective and easier access to your entire hair!

I could not BELIEVE how affordable her prices are starting at just $25 and her knowledge of hair was FANTASTIC. Best of all she understands how hard we work as moms and has a heart for helping Make Motherhood Easier by providing in home hair care services! GOTTA LOVE IT!  She even does kids haircuts!

Make sure to contact Caitlin to schedule your in home hair care appointment: CLICK HERE

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