Feeling Sexy Again

Feeling Sexy Again

As I was getting ready for bed the other night I looked in the mirror and what I saw was a tired mom with peanut butter on her shirt by the shoulder where she held a crying toddler after lunch. There was snot on the other side where her 4 year old wiped his nose, and while she doesn’t know where the sucker came from there was the strawberry sticky residue left in her hair. Pajama pants were still on because there was a messy art project with the older kids… it’s a good thing because there was paint and glue on her pants.  As I looked at this tired mom, me… I thought I need to get pictures done again.

Being a mom is not the prettiest thing. And being a mom of little ones I’m usually lucky if I don’t have to change my clothes at least once a day because something is spilled on me. I do try to put myself back together before my husband comes home, it makes me feel better to set time aside to brush my hair {again} put on a little make up and a clean shirt, but… I do long to feel sexy again.

Right after my second son was born I was feeling frumpy and a little down. A friend told me that she had gotten some boudoir pictures done, and she loved it, it really helped her to see past the peanut butter and feel like a sexy woman.

So I looked into it.

I got a babysitter for my two boys.

And I got some pictures done!

It was the BEST thing I could have done for myself. For an afternoon I wasn’t a mom or a wife, I was a sexy woman, and I literally felt like I could have conquered the world. I was able to see myself in a beautiful light and know that even though I am a mom, I can be and feel sexy.

I have since talked some of my girl friends into doing it, and the results have been amazing. They had the same feeling I did after taking mine.

Now people hear Boudoir and think Playboy. It’s nothing like that, it can be… but you can go as far as you feel comfortable.

Here are some tips to get you started:

*Know what you are comfortable with! Be open and daring, but if you are absolutely against a pose or something make sure it’s known.

*You are potentially going to be taking your clothes off in front of a camera… make sure you feel comfortable with the person behind it. Interview them and look at their portfolio of boudoir pictures. You’ll be able to get a feel for what they do and how good they are. Are you looking for Playboy pin up?? Do you want to do full nudity? Something sexy, but conservative? Props? Make sure you see examples of what you are wanting. Here are some examples of my photographer’s boudoir portfolio to get you thinking.

*Also who will be in the studio or around? Will it be just you and the photographer, or is there office staff that comes in and out.. an assistant? You just don’t want to be surprise when you are doing your photo shoot and look up and see an audience you weren’t expecting.

*Do you want to be Photo shopped? If yes make sure that they are good with the computer, if not make sure they are good with the camera… and ask them about it. –I love my body, and this is what that was about, and for me personally the only thing I wanted Photo shopped was the acne scars that I have… that and the fact that burned 3 days prior and was peeling… but I didn’t want any enhancements and no nips and tucks.

*You will hurt afterwards…. Your photographer will have you bend and twist to get the right angles of your body. You might think that it will look silly but they are seeing you from a different point.  When I was done I felt like I had done an hour ab workout. And know that the photographer will not make you look bad, they want your business, and for you to tell other people.

*Watch your tan lines. Some want them in the picture, some don’t, they can be edited… just be aware if you have them.

*Start with something comfortable. Maybe your husband’s shirt or a cute silk bathrobe. It’s will help ease you into getting more daring if you start with something that you are familiar with.

*And bring fun things too! A long strand of pearls, a cowboy hat or some camo.

*Make sure you shave and have your nails done, you’ll notice those things.

As moms we put so much time into others and sometimes we forget that we are sexy women!  That sexy woman is in each of you… hidden beneath the peanut butter and paint, be bold and find her again!

Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

Leah also blogs over at www.socks-shoesnotrequired.com