Feeling Better in the Morning

Feeling Better in the Morning

Things I do to help me have a better morning and feel more awake than I should be

Mornings usually come really early…. Especially after a night of feeding a baby…. comforting a toddler after a bad dream… helping a 4 year old find a favorite blanket that got kicked down to the bottom of the bed… and finding a random light on that belongs to your 9 year old who is still reading a book at midnight. No matter who is around it seems the best night time comfort comes from mom.  That means ME being up and out of bed many times during the night.

When morning comes I am usually dragging as I roll out of bed to get breakfast for my crew {all of which had a great nights’ sleep}

Here are 6 quick things that I have found that help me in the morning to feel a lot better after a restless night sleep.

1  – First thing I do when I get up is just to stretch and touch my toes. It sounds silly but stretching up as high as I can and then down to my toes really seems to help my body wake up.

2 – I wash my face and moisturize. Washing off the griminess of sleep, help me to feel better about myself.

3 – I brush my teeth

4 – I brush my hair and pull it back. If I have time I’ll fix it up, but most time I just brush it and pull it up out of my face. {but mostly because I don’t like banana in my hair}

5 – I keep a glass by my sink so I can have a big glass of water in the morning. For me having a glass of water first thing in the morning feel like it flushes my body out. I try to have a glass of water at least 30 minutes before I eat anything, and honestly, for me it helps me feel less sluggish as well .

6 – And then I put a bra on. That way if someone happened to come to my door unexpectedly I don’t feel so exposed.

That’s it!

In totally it probably takes me about 8 minutes from the time I roll out of bed to being done. So even when I hear a little one stirring I can usually get all this done quickly before getting little people out of bed.

When I feel better in the morning it really helps me to be a better mom and ready for the day.


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