Feeling Awkward and Searching for a Better Me

Feeling Awkward and Searching for a Better Me

You know that feeling in the school parking lot when you wave at the clique of moms and say Good Morning and they don’t say anything back? 

Or when the mom that has never said a word EVER to you suddenly says, “WOW……You popped really early.”

Or when someone says you look REALLY different today…and my reply is “I actually got the time to take a shower.”

As a first time or even a second time mom these things would have either hurt my feelings or stirred up insecurities.  They would have left me feeling awkward and searching for a better me.  Being pregnant with the next one, however, you would think I might be MORE sensitive due to hormones, but the exact opposite is true.

It as if this pregnancy has given me complete peace in the happiness and security of my own family and sense of self.  Hustling after 2 kids 4 and under, running a business and working to have a healthy pregnancy has left me little time to care about the petty, immature little things in mommy life.

I realize that all moms have ALOT going on in their lives and it isn’t my job to worry about them being nice, or what their statements are intended to ‘mean’.  I literally don’t have the energy or care to spend time thinking about these situations anymore. All that goes though my head is smile, be nice and LET IT GO…LET IT GO…see that song does come in handy! I do not have time to waste!
I see the moms that hold onto everything, gossip and hold onto hate…I feel so bad that those are the things they are spending their time on.  What a terrible waste of mind power.

I think that motherhood is definitely a journey in finding your authentic self, prioritizing the things that matter and being grateful for the love in your life.  I am really liking where this next stage  is taking me.
Cheers to more kids, less time and more internal happiness!

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