Favorite Easy To Find Holiday Gifts

Favorite Easy To Find Holiday Gifts

The big winter preschool show was last night!

ihelpmoms showFor most parents, it was absolutely adorable, but as a mompreneur, and event planner, I saw the hours of work on decor and endless practicing that went into the show.  Most of all, I saw the extra hours the teachers had to put in!

Having run hundreds of event in my lifetime, I know how much a thank you means.  And this morning I had this nagging sensation that something beyond a thank you to the school staff was needed. Finding easy, affordable gifts is hard!

I ran into Dunkin Donuts, spent $20 and ran back out with donuts and goodies for the staff.  Being thoughtful when we are not busy is easy, but being thoughtful when we are completely swamped with the holidays can be daunting. ihelpmoms.com has put together a list of easy, affordable gifts for the people we want to recognize this holiday season!

For Teachers/Janitors/Administrative Staff:

Starbucks Cards
Goodie Baskets
Shopping Gift Cards
Movie Gift Card

For Husbands:

The Gift Box is a great idea with unique personalized items shipped every month directly to him!
Golfer: Gift Card To An Exclusive Golf Course
Fitness Buff: Check out Hylete, Train Like A Freak– use code ihelpmoms for 25% off at Train Like A Freak!
Foodie: Meal Delivery, Beer System that he will make him feel like he gets a beer fresh from the bar, and check out setting up Dine in the Dark!
Or the no fail, buy some sexy lingerie!;)


For Kids

Kids today are so centered on digital entertainment so here are some ideas to engage their imagination and fun in life!

16-1031_momtrusted_ig_an_1080x1080Pillow of Health– When you buy this amazing kids pillow, one will be donated to a child with cancer! LOVE!





Crystal Growing will evoke your child’s imagination!





These play tents have brought so much joy, fun, and imagination to our home!




And of course, the best gift to give, one that helps give parents a breather – A bounce house!

For Friends

Yoga Buddy: ALO is amazing, comfortable and this is a great deal!

Pregnant Friend: Best gift for being comfortable pregnant and postpartum!

Coffee Lover: We are coffee addicts and this could not be more true!

Wine Lover Glass: This will always make them smile!

For You:

Because you deserve it! Relax, unwind and enjoy the holidays!
Double Cross Vodka Limonata Rose Cocktail

16-0919_ebookcovermom_8-5x11_ihelpmoms_anMake sure this holiday season to take care of yourself so you can have the holiday season of your dreams! Check out this FREE book with great sleep solutions for busy moms!