Frequently Asked Questions

We want your experience on IHelpMoms to be fun and problem free. Check for your issue here first, if we haven’t got an answer here, you can contact us from our contact page.

How to use the site as a mom?

Moms can use the site to look up our Family Experts for free, without logging in. Moms can join by creating an account to benefit from our emails. You can also log in with Facebook. PDF with instructions.

What to do about a lost password?

Just like any site, you can go to the lost password and the site will send you a reset email.

Benefits for family experts!

Set-up a FREE EXPERT Listing

Details for setting up a FREE EXPERT account. A registered Family Expert benefits from extra visibility from our moms. Also, it’s extra visibility for listing your business or service on our site.

PDF with Expert Free Account set up details

Set-up a PAID EXPERT Listing

Details for setting up a PAID EXPERT account. A registered Family Expert benefit from extra visibility from our moms, Provides lots of credibility with Social Media and Video links. Extra visibility for listing your business or service on our site.

PDF with Expert Paid Account set up details

Does my account auto-renew?

If you schedule the payment to recur in PayPal, it will!

Can IHelpMoms cancel my subscription for me?

Unfortunately no. To keep your account secure, you are the only one that has access to it. To cancel, simply log into your PayPal account and cancel it from there. 

How to cancel?

You can cancel your Expert renewal at any time however there are no partial refunds. All expert paid accounts are 1-year minimum. You manage your payment through your own financial payment platform. I HelpMoms has no access to this.

How to upgrade?

You can upgrade to a paid listing at any time.

What if I do not show up on the site?

It is possible there were issues with your payment profile and the listing will not be verified until payment is completed. If you still have problems after that you can contact our helpful staff at info@ihelpmomms.com

More answers to come for these questions…

Why should I upload a blog?

How to upload a blog? 

How to get more views from moms?

How do I know if a mom contacts me?