Are Family Photo Shoots Worth The Money?

Are Family Photo Shoots Worth The Money?

A Picture is worth a 1000 Words

I have never done a maternity photo shoot because honestly I always feel so big and insecure during pregnancy.  And I have often wondered if family photo shoots are worth the money.  This third pregnancy, however, I decided I wanted to commemorate this special time with renowned maternity and newborn photographer Erin Martin.  I discovered in my experience as a mom that to get the most out of the photo shoots, it takes planning!


Here Are 10 Tips To Make Family Photo Shoots More Fun And Valuable:

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE: Check out your photographer’s gallery and Pinterest to see what type of photos appeal to you 2 months in advance! Pay attention to their lighting, locations, poses, themes. If you need props or outfits you have time to get them.
  1. PROP PREPARATION: Discuss if your photographer has props to use such as blankets for newborns, scenic backdrops, hair bows, necklaces, bow ties, hats, chairs, baskets. Talk about the style or theme you dream of so everyone is on the same page. If you want to buy props, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Etsy and Homegoods are all great resources!
  1. TIME IT RIGHT: If you are doing a photo shoot with your little ones make sure you think about when they are happiest to choose the right time of day. Crying, cranky kids are no fun in a photo shoot!
  2. THE REALITY OF KIDS: Be realistic if your kids are there that their time span is short. Have everyone dressed, groomed and get yourself ready WAY AHEAD OF THEM so you are not stressed.  Erin is definitely a mom and photographer that gets the reality of working with kids and she makes everyone comfortable!
  3. HAPPY BELLIES, HAPPY SMILES: Make sure you and your kids are fed ahead of the photo shoot. Again, reality check. Everyone operates better with proper fuel!
  4. SNACKS AND STUFF: Bring ‘clean’ snacks like gummies to have on hand and if you have a bubble machine it is a fun, a great thing to bring if your kids are in the photo shoot.
  5. REWARDS WORK! I always buy two big chocolate cupcakes and put them on the counter, letting my girls know if they smile and do a great job the cupcake is all theirs afterward! Yes, bribing I have found to be the best way to get a toddler to SMILE!
  6. MATERNITY MAGIC: If you are doing a maternity photo shoot, make sure to think of a place that feels comforting and peaceful. It will be a magical moment for you and baby to be!
  7. COMFORT THYSELF: I bought my maternity photo shoot outfit on Etsy, but don’t feel pressured to have an open belly dress just because you see others doing it or wear a flower crown if that’s not what you think you will enjoy seeing 10 years from now. Do what feels comfortable to you as it will show in the photos!
  1. HAVE FUN: Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Your family feels your vibes. These are photos that you will treasure, as our professional photographers LOVE making sure to capture your special family!     

I can honestly say a maternity photo shoot was one of the best things I have ever done.  

Erin is a makeup artist with 10 years experience, a stylist, and a gifted photographer. Most of all she has an ability to help moms relax and enjoy the moment. It was a very nurturing experience and something I will treasure forever!

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Cheers to capturing your families special moments with amazing family photographers!

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