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  • Single Listing: One Listing Category
  • One Year: Listing Visible for 1 Year
  • Standard Listing: Business Name
  • Standard Info: Owner, Email, Web, Phone
  • Deal Offer: Offer Moms VIP Specials!



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  • Three: Select up to 3 Listing Categories
  • Featured: Listing Featured in the Results
  • Deal: Offer Moms VIP Specials!
  • Video: Add your Video to your Listing
  • Social Media: Add your social media links



  • Unlimited: Listings & Locations
  • Featured: Listing Featured in the Results
  • Deal: Offer Moms VIP Specials!
  • Video: Add your Video to your Listing
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The VIP Deal for MOMs

ALL Experts should create a special deal that MOM members will want. This brings MOM’s right to your door. Create a special deal and MOM’s will activate the special by telling you they are a MOM’s member.

Unlimited Listings, Locations

With the Professional level, you can appear in more searches and add all locations. This gives you more visibility to MOM’s. The more MOM’s like your profile the higher your ranking. You can also add video to make your profile super informative.

For example: If you are a doula who does postpartum doula work, placenta encapsulation, and Hypno-birth classes, you can add all those categories. 

Profile Updates

You can access your profile at any time and update your information. This is a way to stay relevant to the MOM’s who are searching and view the site. We ask that you review and update your profile quarterly. If you need special assistance with your profile we can help, contact us.

Profile Listings Upgrade Payment Method

You can easily make your payment through PayPal, which accepts credit cards and debit cards.

Maximize Your Efforts

The better the deal you offer to the MOM’s the more word of mouth client referrals you will have! I Help Mom’s reach is extensive and our site offers a map locator which helps MOM’s find your business faster. We created this streamlined search site to help both MOM’s and Family Experts come together.

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Moms Get Discounts and Deals NOW!

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