Meet Dr. Akala Lemus - NUCCA Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Akala Lemus – NUCCA Chiropractic loves natural care without unnecessary medication.  Meet Dr. Akala Lemus – NUCCA Chiropractic.  She specializes in the most delicate area of the body: The Upper Neck.


Nothing Means More To A Mother Than Her Child, And That’s Where I Come In. I Am A NUCCA Chiropractor. I Specialize In The Most Delicate Area Of The Body: The Upper Neck. The Top Two Bones Of The Neck Are Called C1 And C2. C1 Has Very Different Anatomy Than The Rest Of Your Spine. C2 And Below Have Interlocking Joints That Hold The Bones In Place. C1, However, Does Not, As It Is Only One Held In Place By Muscles And Ligaments. This Makes The Bone Very Easily Misaligned Which Can Have Devastating Effects On Your Health. When The Top Bone Of The Neck Is Misaligned It Takes The Head With It. The Head Weighs Ten To Fifteen Pounds. Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.16.37 PMIf The Head Is Not Centered Over The Body, The Body Is Forced To Compensate. This Causes Body Imbalance Which Can Lead To Physical Pain. Also, The Brainstem, Which Is The Control Panel For Communication Between The Brain And The Body, Sits Right Above C1. If There Is A Misalignment Of C1 It Can Cause Stress In The Nervous System Resulting In A Variety Of Health Issues. The Very First Experience In Life Is Birth. The Birth Process, As We Know, Does Not Always Happen Seamlessly. There Are Many Times During The Birth Process When The Atlas Of An Infant Can Become Misaligned. Signs And/or Symptoms Of A Misalignment At Birth Can Consist Of Colic, Not Latching Or Suckling, Difficulty Feeding, Inconsistent Bowels, Torticollis, Asthma, Wheezing, SIDS, Trouble Sleeping, Bed-wetting, And More. Many Mothers Are Very Familiar With More Traditional Forms Of Medicine, That Diagnose And Treat Disease With Interventions, Prescription Drugs And Surgery. NUCCA Chiropractic Offers A Holistic Approach To These Problems And More With A Gentle Touch Behind The Ear. There Is No Popping, Cracking Or Twisting Involved In This Technique Which Makes It Safe For The Baby And Mommy. It Is Our Passion And Privilege To Serve The Important Community Of Mothers And Their Children. We Always Offer Free 15 Minute Consultations To See If We Can Be Of Service. Hands On Holistic Healing Is Located At 1605 South 1st Street, Austin, TX, 78704. Please Contact Us To Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consultation! Ph: 512-712-5583