Does Sex Matter In Marriage?

Does Sex Matter In Marriage?

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 …it’s one of the most taboo topics to talk about in motherhood.
It is also one of the most important topics to talk about.
Most people wonder: What is ‘normal’ for couples with kids?
Other people wonder: What the heck happened to that great sex we had before kids?
And yet other people, (many sleep deprived moms) wonder does sex even matter anymore?
After a full day of school drop offs, pickups, packing lunches, working, laundry, cooking, cleaning, bath time, reading, bedtime, and breastfeeding or feeding a baby, let’s face it, being sexy is the farthest thing from our minds.  Sometimes our sexy self gets shelved when we have kids out of the sheer necessity to survive every day in motherhood! You know what I mean?  So once again here at, we went on a quest for answers to Make Motherhood Easier!
We turned to expert Sofia Robirosa, owner of Infinite Therapeutic Services to talk about all of these questions!

How can moms get their sexy back postpartum?

Take care of yourself! Your hormones have been through a lot throughout pregnancy and beyond, so make sure you take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.
This can include
Eating right
Getting Your Hair Styled
Manicures Pedicures
Getting Dressed Up
How can we talk about sex without causing an argument?
Try using the words it “Sounds Like” or “Feels Like” you would like _______________.
“How can we honor what we both need”
Remember that what your partner needs and what you need are both okay.  Neither one is wrong.
Make sure you are open to their response.  Truly Listen.
The bottom line is: Sex DOES Matter in a marriage and relationship.
So does connection and quality time.
Learning to talk about what you both need and listening is important to having a great sexual relationship after having kids!



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