Does Hypnobirth Really Work? Part I

Hypnobirth…Does it work or is it a myth? Is it worth the time and money? Can natural birth be pain free?  If you are like me, these are all questions that have crossed my mind.

I THOUGHT I KNEW IT ALL My first pregnancy I read a couple of Hypnobirthing books and listened to the meditation CDs. I convinced myself I was smart enough to master Hypnobirthing on my own. BIG MISTAKE! I paid for my own prideful thinking during my delivery. I had an 18 hour birth the first go around and it was not the easiest thing I have ever done. Now looking back on it, I realize that if I had been more focused in trusting my body throughout labor the first time around it would have gone much faster and much easier.

MAKING A POSITIVE CHANGE IN MY BIRTH PLAN I started Hypnobirth classes today with the amazing Dr. Vivian Keeler of Amazing Births and Beyond in Hollywood Florida. I want to learn from one of the most gifted instructors in the world and someone who is trained with in the Mongan Method of Hynobirthing. In just 2 hours I learned so much, I am bursting with the chance to give birth again (something I NEVER EVER thought I would say after the last time)Marie Mongan

**After learning from Dr. Vivian (Pictured standing to the RIGHT of Marie Mongan, Hypnobirth Founder), today I realized that instead of preparing to avoid the pain of childbirth, I am preparing for the JOY of childbirth. I learned the importance of changing the vernacular of how I even talk about birth from negative, stressful words to positive, calming words. (example waves instead of contractions. Birth partners instead of coaches.)

**I learned about the actual muscles of the uterus and the importance of relaxing to allow them to function as they should, in harmony. Understanding the physiology of the body made me feel empowered and at ease with knowing the power of my body.

**I watched beautiful Hypnobirth videos of strong, empowered women totally focused at the important task of bringing their baby into the world.

**I learned about the history of birth- from women being strapped down to beds because doctors thought that was how it ‘should be’. To women being knocked out with drugs and their babies extracted with forceps because the doctors believed that was the way it was ‘best’. This class has helped me to see that birth is truly done BEST by listening to what the laboring mother needs and wants! And a woman who is calm and in tune with her body will be less stressed allowing her uterine muscles to function as they need to, enabling mothers to birth the baby easily.

That is something that all mothers know about, but many times it falls by the wayside when we are actually giving birth. As I listened to Marie Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy the founder of Hypnobirth, I understand that birth is simple. It is the outside forces of the medical community, fellow moms, media and often relatives that we allow to instill fear in us. If birth really required regular invasive, medical intervention, humanity would have been extinct long ago.  (Yes their are emergencies and thank goodness for great OB/GYNs like Dr. Delisa Skeete Henry and Dr. David Lubetkin for those instances)

I am committed to documenting my Hypnobirth journey to give a TRUE account of it will allow women to have a peaceful birth. Stay tuned for my next Hypnobirth Blog Edition next Sunday! Sending positivity to all of our moms, Michelle Founder