Do this ONE thing to maintain your sanity during this school year

th-38As the end of the summer comes around, vacations are over and the rush of getting ready for the school year is on. Getting school supplies, uniforms, clothes, and doctor visits ahead of time is a good idea, but what about the dreaded homework time?

Homework time is the most difficult task for most parents during the school year. Children seem to get incredibly creative at avoiding their homework, resulting in overwhelmed mommies. Do you relate?

What if I told you that if by doing just ONE thing you can help reduce the stressors of homework time? Yes! One thing.

Are you ready? Here it is:

Make learning FUN!

Yes, learning in fun ways is the key to helping your children do homework. It will also help your child enjoy school more and improve his or her overall performance at school.

Here are some 7 tips to make learning a fun activity:

1) Create songs with your child about the material they need to learn. Use the melody of a song that they like to come up with lyrics that will help them remember the information.

th-402) Relate information with things that your child can understand. For example, when learning to sum, subtract, or multiply use toys, markers, crayons or anything that your child likes to play with to have a visual way to learn the information being taught.

3) Use hands-on learning tools. For many class lessons, have your child draw or create with clay whatever was learned to help remember the topic in a fun way. Most children enjoy arts and crafts, so get creative with them. For example, to learn about the cell, have your child draw a cell or make with clay using her favorite colors. It is a different way to go over material in a play-like manner.

4) Use fun games to review materials. Using classic games such as Jeopardy, The Hot Seat, and Family Feud will make your child think, remember the information, as well as have fun while learning!Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.33.21 AM

5) Use technology as a resource. Looking for information online about the subject can help keep your child engaged. There are wonderful online resources that can supplement the lessons being taught at school. There are websites that have videos that explain materials, additional fun lesson sheets, as well as documentaries that can enhance the learning experience for your child. Technology is a resource that children relate to and like using. It also becomes an opportunity to teach your child how to identify safe and proper ways of using the internet.

th-396) When possible, go on a field trip. For example, if your child is learning about the Egyptians and there is a local exhibit at a museum, take your child to see it. They will think it is cool and you will get a family outing at the same time!

7) Make your household a learning home. Ask your children questions that make them think about the television shows that they are watching, such as why do you think the character is doing that? What would happen if a person did what the character did in real life? In addition, show your child what you are doing and explain how it is getting done, and why it works the way it does, such as, while doing laundry, explain why you are separating whites from colors; the difference between using hot and cold water, and why measure the detergent.

Liah and IKeep in mind that not all children learn the same way. Some children are audio learners, others are visual learners, and some are kinesthetic learners. Many prefer a combination of these, or of all of them. By mixing up the fun learning tips described above, you will be using all of the different learning styles and you will see which one your child learns better with.

All children like to learn, as long as they are praised for learning, and the right methods are used to help the process be fun and engaging.

To the Success of Child’s School Year!
Your Therapy Friend,
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