Do Moms Need Help Sometimes?

Are there times in your week that you could use a helping hand?

Does it sound fun to you to get a customized gift in the mail that correlates to your stage in motherhood?   Master momz

Are you interested in learning great tips to take care of your baby and to provide excellent care as your child grows?

If you are like me, ALL of these are things that I definitely want to integrate into my life as a mom! Who doesn’t like gifts, getting a much needed break and learning how to be a better mom?  We all need help at one time or another!

The villages, tribes and neighbors of the past have dwindled in today’s society leaving moms often feeling overwhelmed and isolated. is on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier by connecting you to amazing resources to lighten the load.

Discover a mom that is on a mission to offer a helping hand to fellow moms just like you and I!  MasterMom, Tamia Dawkins, is a passionate mother of two beautiful princes.  She created services that help to lighten the load through the process of preparation for one of the greatest jobs ever- which is becoming a mom.MasterMomz3

NY-born and bred “momexpert,” Tamia Dawkins, is an entrepreneur, wife and brilliant mom! Tamia Dawkins is the creator of MasterMomz, a resource for expectant and new momz, providing them with everyday tricks and tips to keep their ship floating. She is also the creator and teacher of “The MasterMomz Experience” which offers classes that preps moms for their mothering experiences and season.   

She believes that through her own mothering experience a seed was sown to understand the journey of becoming and being a mother. She and her dream team will be able to connect with you and your needs.   Learn more about MasterMomz HERE!