Do Dreams Come True in Hollywood?

Do Dreams Come True in Hollywood?

The answer is YES!
Discover a place in Hollywood that is completely dedicated to making your daughter’s princess, spa and party dreams come true!

phpThumb-1We are so lucky today to hear from the founder of Fairytales Hollywood, and mompreneur Shannon about helping families to save money, save you time and decrease your stress while creating an unforgettable princess experience!

“Every child is a gift & a celebration of life. I was inspired to start Fairytales Hollywood because I wanted to first, create a fabulous Princess party venue to make children’s dreams come true for their special day.

FairytalesFairytales Hollywood is a place that is magical for the child’s special day with their friends & family alike. Rather than your average themed birthday party (or any other type party for kids) at a reasonable cost & turn it into something that was/is absolutely fantastic, amazing & fun.

Secondly, I wanted to provide moms or dads assistance in creating their child’s special day, to take the work & all the details off of them & provide a Princess palace space that was magical and glamorous for their child’s dream party.

FT 2.5Every child is special and their special day deserves to be a day to remember for them as well as their friends and family. The gift is in watching their faces light up with joy as they are pampered & treated like a Princess for a day. I love what I do & I do it well. I go the extra mile to be sure everything is perfect. Fairytales Hollywood caters to the parents needs, as well as the child, to be sure their special day is amazing in every detail.  From the custom ordered cakes, to the fashion shows, Princess Spa pampering, & dance parties, we make sure our Princess’ dreams come true!

What better way to make a memory than with the glamour and glitz, and sharing that with family & friends. We Spa, We Party, We Rock the Runway! Making lasting memories for all!  Make sure to contact Fairytales Hollywood today to take your child’s birthday from ordinary to AMAZING!”