Do Childbirth Classes Make Motherhood Easier?

Did you spend more time planning your wedding than getting educated on raising a child? I honestly think of the hours in my early twenties I spent ruminating over wedding flowers, dresses, favors, cakes and I cringe thinking of the comparatively small amount of time I focused in on the actual things I needed in preparation for parenthood!

I read every baby book known to man, but when it came down to it I was so exhausted that all of my reading was left behind in a trail of diapers and breast milk. Looking back, the things that really stuck with me were the actual practical skills I learned in person at my childbirth classes. Things like:

-How to manage birth pain and what my options are
-The best ways to stay physically fit for a great delivery
-Maintaining pelvic floor muscles to keep it all tight after birth
-Breastfeeding tips
-How to soothe an infant and identify my child’s needs
-What will being a new mom feel like emotionally and physically?
-What are options to fight post partum depression?
-Postpartum healing reality and care options
-How much and how often should an infant eat?

My Midwife Sharon Hamilton
My Midwife Sharon Hamilton

The answer is a resounding YES that childbirth classes do help make motherhood easier.  As Zenerations of Boca states on our site: Knowledge is POWER and it is a powerful thing to be an educated parent!

I am lucky to learn from Sharon Hamilton an amazing Homebirth Associates midwife, to take Hypnobirthing with Dr. Vivian Keeler at Amazing Births and Beyond and to work with Zenerations of Boca, a talented team offering a variety of classes to keep families educated and happy from prental massage to childbirth classes to yoga to doula services! is FREE for moms to learn more about important birth resources from classes on our Moms Group page to midwives, doulas, night nurses, post partum doulas, pediatricians, OB/GYNs and MORE!  Log on NOW!

*We are proud that Zenerations of Boca is a member of the provider family!  Thank you for joining the movement to make motherhood easier!