Developmental Benefits of Mommy and Me Yoga

Developmental Benefits of Mommy and Me Yoga

Babies are natural yogis!
Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of mommy and me yoga!

  • Children develop through yoga poses, which can aid in their gross and fine motor
  • Yoga poses and stretches for infants aid in digestion, constipation, and relieve gas and colic.
  • Baby Yoga creates balance between strength and flexibility in developing bodies, so they grow strong and maintain the flexibility they are born with.
  • Accelerate emotional, intellectual, and physical development.
  • Initiates social interaction in a non-competitive environment for both babies and new parents.

Especially for moms as we heal postpartum and work on rejuvenating our bodies after delivering, mommy and me yoga can be a comforting environment to ease back into activities…BEST OF ALL WITH YOUR INFANT!

Zenerations of Boca is offering a fantastic mommy and me yoga class Monday mornings from 11-12!
This class is designed for babies from birth to preschool to be accompanied by parent or caregiver. Learn to sing, play and stretch with the little ones. Together we will reconnect with our bodies and bond with your child in a whole new way! Come to relax, play and most importantly, connect with your community! No yoga experience necessary. Bring mat and blanket for comfort.  Learn more HERE!

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