Dear Young Girl

th-2I am sitting working at Starbucks as school gets out today.  I see hoards of kids enter the buzz building as the the teenage girls play with their hair and try to look cool while they subtly judge the world around them.  I watch the boys jab and joust, while the confident ones talk to girls while others stand with their hands in their pockets looking calm and cool.

Then I see a girl shrug into sit at the table by me.  She is the one without the cool clothes.  She is the one that focuses on her phone as no one is talking to her.  I am instantly thrown back into my past.  I remember the days in high school not knowing where I ‘fit’.

Dear Young Girl,
I see you looking longingly at the cliques of girls laughing and looking glamorous.
Don’t fret.  You will find a friend who will love you for who you are.
The first friend I found who truly accepted me for my quirkiness was in college.
It may take time and it may seem isolating for a long time, but when you find that friend, it will be a forever friend.  A soul mate that is worth the wait.

Dear Young Girl,
I see you looking enviously at the other girls bags and jewelry.
Don’t worry.  You have the intelligence in you to fly.  You are in charge of your destiny.  Go out and make your own jewelry or your own money to buy what you want.
It’s not the things we have. Learn to treasure yourself and the treasures of the world will float away.

Dear Young Girl,
I see you ducking from the pretty girls, the good looking boys, the mobs of kids that don’t notice you.
There will always be someone prettier, more athletic, funnier, smarter, richer.  Once you can wrap your head around that you have freedom.  College, Career, Dating, Motherhood….The same types of women will always be there.
Take heart.  You are learning and growing to be the best version of yourself.  Growth can be painful, but you always come out stronger on the other side.

Dear Young Girl,
No need to slump.  Sit up tall.
Believe in yourself.  Recognize your gift and pursue YOUR passions.  Love yourself, and you will love your life.

Now change the word Young Girl to Dear Mom and read it again. is here to support you as you journey through motherhood.
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