Dear Southern Charm Let's Talk

Dear Southern Charm Let’s Talk

I was feeding my baby today and watching Southern Charm when Cameran gave her top reasons for avoiding having kids and my heart felt sad.

I really can’t fault her for saying that it changes your marriage, your body, and your life.  But I realized that I could help change her negative connotations of motherhood.  I always tell the truth here at and here is my take on the amazing things that being a mom entails.

1.  Yes, having kids does change your marriage.  It makes you see your husband through your daughter’s eyes which is summed up in one word: SUPERHERO.  Sure there are long days and short nights when you’re exhausted or you are bummed about having to do laundry instead of watch movies like you used to get to or you have to shower at 9 pm like I did tonight…but I can honestly say I appreciate my husband so much more and respect him at a new level after having kids.  Our marriage is stronger because we have learned to communicate better because we have to be strong for our kids.  Kids remind us to keep the love high and the drama low!

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2.  Sure, having kids changes your body, but the healthier pregnancy you have with amazing pregnancy fitness trainers like Moji Doyle who trains pregnant women throughout the world and the better you eat, the easier your birth will be and the better your body will bounce back in my experience.   My first baby was 8 pounds (I am 105 lbs) and I had her all natural, but I ate too much while pregnant and I had a hard time losing the weight.  The second time around I worked out until the day I gave birth, I ate right and I had the easiest second birth ever and now I am back to my pre-prgnancy weight, happy and healthy!  This is me 1 hour after my hypnobrith, home birth.  It was AWESOME! Positive thoughts, a great doula, chiropractor and midwife, eating right and staying fit were the keys to my easy birth!

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3.  Your life changes….that is correct, except it changes for the better.  I used to love traveling to Rome, Greece, Las Vegas and all over the world with my husband, but now I love our vacations with other families!  There is nothing better than seeing the joy on our girls faces as we explore and experience life together.  It doesn’t mean giving up fun, it just means planning even more fun including date nights, couples only trips, family trips and more!  
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4.  The BEST part about motherhood is you discover a strength as a female that you never knew existed.  Childbirth, motherhood and family brings you in touch with a selfless part of yourself.  You discover you can juggle not only taking care of yourself and a husband, but you can rise up to be the best version of yourself because a little person is depending on you. We are never perfect, but we are role models.  Motherhood brings you closer to fellow moms that understand what you are going through and that you can forge amazing relationships to grow and learn together.  Best of all, motherhood opens you up to a love that you never knew you could give or receive.  

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No one is ever ready for motherhood, but is here to be your positive community to help make motherhood easier.  Our providers LISTEN,  THEY CARE and THEY ARE ON A MISSION TO CREATE HAPPY, HEALTHY FAMILIES!