De Stress Your Home By Asking Your Kids These 3 Questions

De Stress Your Home By Asking Your Kids These 3 Questions

We often find ourselves as parents running a rat race trying to get our kids all over to activities, music, sports, school preparedness, playdates, but have we STOPPED to ask them about their WHY?  When parents align themselves with their child’s WHY and LISTEN to what their children value, that is where both parties can align their priorities- MAKING MOTHERHOOD EASIER and less stressful!

On todays LIVE ihelpmoms TV show we chatted with Proactive Parenting Expert @joyacaso on 3 questions to ask your kids prior to school starting:
1.  Describe to me 3 things that are important to you.
2.  What do you want to achieve in your activities?
3.  What do you want to achieve this school year?
*Follow up question….when you achieve that how will that make you feel?

Ever seen an adult aimlessly wandering through life, expending time & money searching for their why???? These are the very questions you can ask your kids to help THEM discover THEIR WHY EARLY ON, helping them to fulfill their talents and gifts on the road to success!

Watch the FULL TV Episode Here!

Next Thursday we will be discussing INTRINSIC MOTIVATION with our Proactive Parenting Therapist @joyacaso? If you want to help your child discover their own sense of doing homework, reading, working hard without you bribing or pushing them…TUNE IN 11 am Thursdays @facebook ihelpmoms TV Live Show!

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