Is Date Night Worth It?

Is Date Night Worth It?

I look at our pictures from our dating past and I wonder if I will ever feel fun again.

The last 24 hours were particularly exhausting as our newborn went through a 6 week growth spurt and she was feeding constantly.  I completely lost it due to sleep deprivation at around 10 am this morning of course took it out on my husband…and then walked into the other room talking in a very high pitched happy voice to my toddler to mask that I was feeling overwhelmed.411182_313160122089816_552381873_o

I wanted to call and cancel the baby sitter due to a crying newborn and cranky toddler missing her nap.  I swear my baby had been crying and eating all day and I have never been more thankful for the providers support from pediatricians, to lactation consultants to BabySparks baby development app to our mental health providers, to doulas, to midwives that provided me much comfort and expert information.  Best of all is FREE for moms to join to connect with these amazing resources! 

Thanks to their support and insight I pushed through my anxiety and exhaustion knowing that I needed to get out of the house.

I handed the baby to my husband and hopped in the shower.  I heard her cries ring through the house, but instead of jumping out like I normally would, I clung to the warm spray of water with the mission to shave my legs…yes, a major win in this moms life with a 5 week old baby!

Capture the Bliss Photography
Capture the Bliss Photography

As soon as I shut off the water, my husband hovered in the bathroom with the baby.  I pulled out my hairdryer and much to our happiness her cries subsided.  I turned it off and her cries ricocheted once again.  I quickly turned it back on again and gave a sigh of thanks when she calmed again providing a much needed chuckle for my husband and I!

The babysitter arrived much to my joy as I got to have an extra 5 minutes to get dressed!  The hum of the car put our newborn to sleep and we enjoyed an amazing date night at a beachside restaurant.  I got to eat an entire meal with my husband, laughing and talking about our dreams and hopes for 2015.  This night, this special time together was so worth it.  Our newborn is STILL sleeping as I think she feels her mom and dad are more relaxed.

A lot of moms forget what having a newborn is like.  At we are living this busy, crazy, exhausting, fun time of life! A lot of moms brag about how great their newborns are doing which is exciting but for those of us moms that don’t have babies sleeping through the night or are not breastfeeding perfectly or don’t have constant family help, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  Join as a mom member for FREE today to connect to providers that are here to help YOU!ihm-event-page

Don’t forget about yourself because YOU MATTER!  My keys to surviving the last month have been taking a walk in the sunshine to relax, when the kids are asleep taking the monitor outside with me so I can get a breath of fresh air, turning the baby over to hubby to get a nice, long hot shower, utilizing our providers and calling my hair stylist Caitlin on to come to my house to make me look mom hot!

If you are looking to a great close to your date night watch ‘Sex Tape’ with your significant other.  You will get a good laugh!  I think every woman will see a piece of themselves in Cameron Diaz’s character!

We are all here to help you at as we think moms are superheroes!