What Do Dads Really Think About Kids and Marriage?

What Do Dads Really Think About Kids and Marriage?

Becoming a Husband and Dad

I read every parenting book, watched every video and took the child birth classes.  But nothing could have prepared me for the transformation kids would have on my life as a mom.  But I also wonder what do dads really think about kids and marriage?

Here at ihelpmoms.com, we tell the TRUTH, as we never want moms to feel alone or isolated.  The below tips aren’t all pretty, but they are honest!

Here are some tips on what dads really think about kids and marriage featured on our ihelpmoms.com TV episode:

How Does It Feel As a Man To Welcome A Newborn?

  1.  Realize that you can never be completely prepared, making communication a huge key to a successful parenting transition.  Communication is key even when you are hungry, tired, and recovering.  Recognize mom needs time to recover, dad needs some time for himself and that’s okay!  You may BOTH need a break!
  2. Plan your support system ahead of time.  Don’t wait until you are exhausted and in a state of need.  ihelpmoms.com was created so moms can easily find pediatricians, child birth education, doulas, Ob/Gyns, lactation consultants, baby nurses and more.  It’s FREE for you to find the support you need.

What do men really want?

  1.  It’s simple: Food and Sex.  It’s literally that basic.  But here is the beauty….it’s often a cycle.  By listening and meeting your man’s needs you will most likely find your emotional or physical needs get met.

2.  Men need to pitch in- Simple tasks like taking out the trash, changing diapers, emptying the dishwasher can truly go a long way too!

3.  TALK about your needs and wants.  Don’t let feelings compound when you are already dealing with post partum emotions, healing, and exhaustion.

Why does having a shared vision and goals matter?

  1. It shows that you both are dedicated to making an effort to keep that special feeling of love and connection.  Little ones are adorable, but they are also a huge commitment.  It is vital to prioritize your adult relationship for long lasting happiness.

2.  Do things when you don’t want to, out of love for your spouse.  The best way to be an excellent parent is to be an excellent spouse.

3.  Dialogue daily, date weekly and plan couples get away quarterly.  Keep the spark, focus on love on a daily basis is vital.  Dedicated time together matters.  Planning something fun helps couples focus on a good time ahead even when parenting is tiring, challenging and encompassing.

ihelpmoms.com Hot Mom Tip:
It’s not your spouse’s responsibility to make you happy or vice versa.  We need to make OURSELVES happy.  ihelpmoms.com is here to help with a wide variety of caring, trusted family experts to give you a helping hand.  Strong moms ask for help.

Cheers to happy moms, happy couples, happy kids, happy homes!



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