Cravings and Pregnancy…Is It A Myth? I will give you a hint…The model in this picture is not holding one item that looks good to me!

Whenever I am pregnant I revert back to all things that remind me of my mom, especially when it comes to cooking. Does this sound familiar to you?

My first pregnancy was smooth sailing, but this pregnancy is a whole different world.  Say the name of a vegetable I throw up.  It took all my will power and a lot of gagging, to be able to feed my toddler her beloved cooked vegetables. As much as I vowed to live on kale and a high protein diet, it just isn’t happening.  I can barely get anything down, so when something sounds good, I go for it.

Throughout my first trimester I could not get enough cheese, mayonnaise and tomato sandwiches. I would also make sliced potatoes on the stove and dip them in mayonnaise, much to my husband’s disgust. This second trimester all I want is rice and chicken casseroles, grilled cheese and

These are all things I have not eaten in 10 years!  But every time I am pregnant, my mind and body kick into wanting to feel comforted and loved. When I think of comfort and love, I think of my mom’s cooking. I still smile when I think of all of the nights we ate as a family, talked about our day and enjoyed quality time together over dinner. I can only hope I am as good of a mom as she was, for my own little ones.

Cravings in pregnancy are REAL!
I am a healthy eater and our household eats extremely clean, but when I am pregnant I definitely CRAVE certain foods!  My poor husband has really endured a lot with me having severe morning sickness the first 14 weeks and not being able to cook much. So in an effort to be a better wife for the rest of my pregnancy, and have healthy recipes handy, I have a great Pinterest boards from slow cooker suppers to simple dinners- all with busy moms in mind.  Check out

Make sure to check out on Pinterest and share any recipes you liked during pregnancy. I am open to all deliciousness!