What Do You Do When You Can’t Do It All?

I admit that I sometimes like to think I can do it all.  HA!
But since starting ihelpmoms.com, I am dazzled by the professionals I get to work with.10382451_718244788234934_1180606008838815443_n

One skill I know I do not possess is the ability to take high quality photographs, especially since I had the good fortune of working with Courtney Ortiz Photography at a recent event.  Her ability to turn a photograph into an incredible piece of art is amazing to me.

I decided to go right to the source of why it is worth it to hire a professional photographer by chatting with the BEST family photographer in Broward County Courtney Ortiz!   I didn’t make up the honor by the way…she is the 2014 Best of Kids Crown award winner in the family photography category!

ihelpmoms.com: How do you describe your style of photography?
Courtney Ortiz: My style is modern, bright, colorful, and fun.

ihelpmoms.com: What differentiates Courtney Ortiz Photography?
Courtney: What truly differentiates my studio is the fact that our mission is to create breathtaking pieces of art.   I work very collaboratively with my clients to design and create art that best suits their needs, home decor, and budget.
Pic of Courtney

ihelpmoms.com: What is your favorite thing about working with families? 
Courtney Ortiz: I love being able to to capture the love and interaction between all family members.  And then in turn seeing those captures translated into pieces of artwork that the family will enjoy and love forever.

ihelpmoms.com: What milestones do you think are family favorites?
Courtney Ortiz: Newborn, six months, and one year are truly a perfect way to document that first year.  We now offer a first year baby package “Pick 3”.  Three sessions to document your family’s first year with a new baby.  I recommend the following schedule…Newborn (within the first 2 weeks), Six months (or sitting unassisted), and one year (perfect for a cake smash).  All immediate family members can participate in the shoots.

Courtney’s comforting and vibrant personality was apparent from the first time I spoke to her! Her photography is absolutely stunning and we are so happy we got to enjoy seeing her in action photographing Girls Night In- Shower Edition to capture all of the special mom moments!

Courtney Ortiz Photography