Count Your Blessings and Start Being Grateful NOW

Count Your Blessings and Start Being Grateful NOW

Life is never perfect, so get over it and get grateful. Sound harsh? It’s reality.

Today I was at our community pool and I saw one of my favorite friends. Her baby girl was snug in grandpa’s arms, and her mother in law was joyfully enjoying their Sunday tradition of family time with she and her husband. It was a beautiful picture of one big happy family.Our Town

The negative part of me instantly blamed my husband for taking me 3,000 miles away from my own family and I let a snarky comment slip on the way home. It’s during times like these that my longing for my own daughter to know my parents gets the better of me. They are older and don’t like traveling to Florida and now that I am pregnant it will be a long time before I can make it back to Oregon.

I call my mom to try to convince them to come out and visit but it doesn’t work. I sit back in my chair feeling defeated, but then reality smacks me in the face. I think about my many mom friends with parents in other countries that can’t even travel to the United States.

I shake myself out of my pity party and remind myself there are troops serving overseas that miss their kids births and milestones every day. That thought really jolts me into action to be grateful.

I look in at my wonderful baby girl sleeping and I walk to the front room to see my happy husband cheering on the USA soccer team. I begin to get our dinner ready, giving thanks that we have food to nourish our bodies. I feel the gloom of missing my family evaporate, as I literally begin to count the simple blessings in my life.

Today I realize that I can be happy for the friends and family around me that have great blessings that I don’t have. It’s ok to feel sad that I don’t get to see my own family often but that it is not ok to blame my husband. But most of all I can live life to the fullest and be my happiest when  I CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON! BEING GRATEFUL!

Ready? Set? Go!

What are you most grateful for?