Could You Be Increasing Your Child's Exposure to Harmful Carcinogens?

Could You Be Increasing Your Child’s Exposure to Harmful Carcinogens?

Do you want to decrease the toxins that you have around your family to improve the health and long term well-being of your loved ones?
I know I do!

th-7“Through its review of 23 peer-reviewed studies of cancer incidence from the past 50 years, EPA has determined that infants up to age two are, on average, ten times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults, By incorporating these factors, the new risk assessment methods show that children accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime cancer risk by their second birthday.” (Children’s Health Policy Review, April 2, 2008).1

th-9As parents we have the power to help our children live a better life by reducing their exposure to toxins and that often starts RIGHT IN OUR OWN HOMES! I want to introduce you to the Toxic Free Club, a community that is on a mission to provide personal health, household and body care products made with all-natural, organic, and toxic-free ingredients!

With a toddler in my house, there definitely no shortage of cleaning that needs to be done everyday! I was amazed at the power of these natural home cleaning products that I received from Daye at Toxic Free Club and how they cut through the mess, smelled fresh and best of all it is natural!

th-8Toxic Free Club has an amazing line of toxic free offerings from toothpaste to kids body wash to skin care to natural beauty products. Make sure to connect with Daye, our amazing Toxic Free Club leader on who will help guide your family to discover how to make your house CLEAN and TOXIC FREE!