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Hayley Peters

Hi mama! My name is Hayley and I am a mama to a sweet little grl named Averi. I became an RN in 2018 and found my passion in women's health. I am here for all things pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, maternal mental health, and entrepreneurship. I also run an online health and fitness accountability group and help women partner with a wellness company to reach their goals. Let's chat- it's time to ease the overwhelm of motherhood together!

Birth & Post Partum CoachBreastfeeding/Weaning CoachNewborn Care Coach
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Nalini Dass

*IBCLC specializing in oral restrictions (latch and ties), milk supply and food sensitivities (gut health). *Background in pediatric cardiology *Over a decade in healthcare

Mom Business CoachBreastfeeding/Weaning Coach
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Megan Wisner

7 years of Labor and Delivery I have a 21 month old, 3 and 5 year old. I have breastfed for a combined over 51 months!

Sleep CoachBreastfeeding/Weaning CoachBirth & Post Partum CoachNewborn Care CoachMom Mental Wellness CoachMarriage/Relationship CoachKids Behavior Support Coach
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Courtney Wilson

Certified Lactation Counselor Infant Sleep Coach

Birth & Post Partum CoachBreastfeeding/Weaning CoachNewborn Care CoachKids Behavior Support CoachSleep Coach
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Jana Holmes

I'm a Neonatal Nurse and Baby Coach for new moms! I work with moms on baby sleep, breastfeeding, development, self-care & anxiety, and all things baby! I work with my clients one-on-one to help them meet their goals. I help new moms with babies, who want to trust their own instincts, drown out the noise and gain support so that they can be educated, confident, and successful in their motherhood journey!

Sleep CoachBreastfeeding/Weaning CoachNewborn Care CoachMom Mental Wellness CoachNutrition CoachBirth & Post Partum Coach
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Haley Morris-Nicholl

I began my journey in 2015 by becoming a Doula. I then worked as a Homebirth Midwives Assistant at Family Tree Midwifery. I assisted over 45 births. This is where I found my passion for breastfeeding. I then worked at WIC as a Breastfeeding Specialist.

Breastfeeding/Weaning CoachBirth & Post Partum Coach
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