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Sasha Romary

Mother of two wild boys, with a decade of experience helping parents thrive in their own unique parenting journey. 🌍👶🛌 As a seasoned professional with a diverse international background, I bring a unique perspective to the world of parenting and childcare. As a fully certified doula, newborn care specialist, sleep consultant, potty training specialist, and parent coach, I've had the privilege of supporting thousands families around the globe in their journey through parenthood. 🌟 My passion lies in helping parents strike a harmonious balance between their professional lives and the joys of raising children. Working parents face a unique set of challenges, and I specialize in guiding them through this intricate dance, empowering them to thrive both at work and at home. 🧒👧 In addition to my work with working parents, I have a special focus on hypersensitive children, understanding their unique needs and assisting parents in nurturing their emotional well-being. I also specialize in fostering healthy sibling relationships, picky eating, challenging behaviours and supporting parents in raising their children in the way that feels natural for them. 💤 My sleep support includes the full spectrum of sleep approaches. I specialise in more responsive approaches that promote a healthy foundation of sleep as well as fostering a healthy parental attachment and bond. I use evidence-based information in supporting parents in reaching their unique sleep goals. 🚽 My Potty Training support is based on the understanding that achieving this developmental milestone is a complex balance between the physiological and behavioural. In supporting families, I will dive deep into that child's unique personality and identify their intrinsic motivators to help them develop their independence and autonomy and make potty training fun! I have extensive experience in withholding and anxieties in toileting and love supporting parent and children through these challenging moments. I look forward to supporting you in your incredible journey of parenting, where cultural diversity, expert knowledge, and a deep understanding of your unique needs converge to create a brighter and more harmonious future for your family. 🌟👨‍👩‍👦‍👦✨

Sleep CoachPotty TrainingNewborn Care CoachBirth & Post Partum CoachMom Business CoachKids Behavior Support Coach
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Alison&Sarah Potty Training Coaches

Alison and Sarah have been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis with countless children and their families for over a decade. Alison and Sarah both received their Masters degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida. Alison and Sarah have extensive experience working with children with special needs, including but not limited to children with a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, speech delay, ODD, and other behavioral challenges. Alison and Sarah understand the value of working collaboratively with parents, teachers, therapy providers, and other caregivers.

Potty TrainingKids Behavior Support Coach
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Nikita Grayson

I have a background in early childhood education of over 25+ years. I have a masters degree in sociology. I have published an ebook on the subject of potty training.

Potty Training
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Meghan Brand Stauf

After many years as a mother, a preschool teacher, and a nanny, I now work as a Parenting Coach. Years of observing children in an early childhood setting and then becoming a mother myself, I developed a deep understanding of what families need to thrive. I am passionate about using the Nervous System and Brain Science to help parents create and sustain meaningful connections with their children. My specialty is helping parents create a plan for digital health. My ultimate goal is to help parents find peace and joy in their parenting and, in turn, make the world a better place. Work History Fifteen years Lead Teacher at Ring Mt. Day School, Tiburon, Ca Five years substitute preschool teacher, Arts In the Garden, Petaluma Villiage Preschool, You and Me Preschool, Children’s Corner, Petaluma Ca Ten years Professional Nanny, Novato, CA, Mill Valley, CA, Petaluma, Ca Education 1997 Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, College of Marin, Ca 2004 Hutchin’s Program, Sonoma State University, Ca 2020 Bachelor’s Degree in Complementary and Holistic Health, University of Arizona, Global Campus. 2021 Jai Institute for Parenting Certification Founder of Grateful Parenting with Meghan Brand Stauf Creator of Empowered Parenting and Digital Health 6 Week Course.

Grief/Loss CoachSleep CoachPotty TrainingNewborn Care CoachKids Behavior Support CoachMom Mental Wellness CoachNutrition Coach
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Fritzi Strowmatt

Certified Life Coach Doctorate Occupational Therapist - Pediatrics Certified Breastfeeding Educator Brain Behavior Consultant Birth Mom of 3, Step Mom, Foster Mom Sibling and caregiver of a Sister with special needs

Breastfeeding/Weaning CoachKids Behavior Support CoachMom Mental Wellness CoachMarriage/Relationship CoachSleep CoachNewborn Care CoachNutrition CoachBirth & Post Partum CoachGrief/Loss CoachPotty TrainingAsk The Teacher
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Shelly Clark

Wife -Mom of 3-Masters In Instructional Technology - University of South Florida- entrepreneur, loves to travel and teach my family about others ways of life. Pickleball player.

Potty TrainingKids Behavior Support CoachMarriage/Relationship CoachMom Business CoachMom Mental Wellness Coach
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