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Charlsie Myers


Sleep Coach
  • Newborn
  • 4 months to 12 months
  • Age 1-3
  • Age 4-6
  • Age 7-10

About me

Charlsie is a mom of 2 and offers pediatric sleep consulting services for families with children from newborns to 7 years. Charlsie coaches families to teach their child(ren) how to fall asleep independently using customized sleep plans with family's parenting philosophies and safe sleep practices at the forefront. Charlsie can also help with setting good sleep foundations with newborn babies, as well as help with group coaching, families with multiples, or families with special needs children. While most services are offered virtually, Charlsie is also able to help families in the greater Denver metro area with in-person support.

PhD in Health Psychology - taught psychology college courses including sleep and health, human development, and stress and well-being. Board Certified in Behavior Analysis - taught socioemotional, cognitive, and language skills to neurodivergent children, adolescents, and adults and coached their families to implement behavior plans to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase adaptive skills, including independent sleep skills. Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant - provides 1:1 support for families with newborns through 7 years to reach their goals toward safe, independent sleep in a way that aligns with parenting preferences, specific goals, and baby's age and temperament (without "cry it out").


Charlsie Myers

Newborn Sleep Guide


Charlsie Myers

Newborn Sleep Consulting Package



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Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Years of experience: 0

Certification through Center for Pediatric Sleep Management

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Doctor of Philosophy

Years of experience: 0

PhD in Health Psychology, UNC Charlotte

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Completed coursework through Florida Institute of Technology

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