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Fritzi Strowmatt

About me

Howdy! I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Registered Occupational Therapist (Doctorate) with specialty in Pediatrics, Birth Mom of 3, Step Mom, Foster Mom, and Power of Attorney & Caregiver of my sister with special needs. My passion is empowering and creating a safe space in coaching. Without judgement, the brain can relax for connected relationships and discovering self care while raising children. You were CHOSEN to be the amazing mom you are and I can help you through the difficult times. I am an appointment away to help you explore with curiosity how to create a safe and peaceful place while parenting.

Certified Life Coach Doctorate Occupational Therapist - Pediatrics Certified Breastfeeding Educator Brain Behavior Consultant Birth Mom of 3, Step Mom, Foster Mom Sibling and caregiver of a Sister with special needs


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