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Brooke Sarkar


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  • Grades K-2
  • Grades 3-5
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Test Prep

About me

I provide coaching for elementary educators, home schooling parents, and parents who want to incorporate play-based learning into their homes. I also provide virtual tutoring services in reading and writing for grades K-8.

* reading specialist * elementary teacher * instructional coach * homeschooling parent support * tutoring for grades K-8


Elementary Education Bachelors Degree

I earned my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Penn State University

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Reading/Literacy Specialist

I earned my Masters Degree in reading/literacy at the Teachers College of Columbia University.

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Educational Technology Masters

My second Masters degree is a Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State University.

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Wilson certified reading tutor

I completed the year-long Wilson Language certification program and have since implemented the program with students through 1:1 tutoring.

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Elementary Educator

Years of experience: 6

Classroom teacher for 6 years

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Literacy Coach

Years of experience: 3

Coached elementary teachers in reading and writing instruction

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Instructional Coach

Years of experience: 7

Coached teachers in grades K-6 across all subject areas

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Private Tutor

Years of experience: 10

Private tutoring for students ranging in age from 5-15 with a focus on reading/writing support or enrichment.

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