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Lisa Hawkins


Marriage/Relationship Coach
  • Marriage
  • Working Mom
  • Stay at Home Mom
Mom Mental Wellness Coach
  • Take Action
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm/Burn Out
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Grief Support
  • Single Parent

About me

I work with Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply. Passionate about the human experience, human behavior, and psychology for 26 + years. Into spiritual awareness and connection through questioning our beliefs, and changing our reality. Mentoring people all over the world to connect at a higher level with themselves and others. To love deeply, freely, and open up to be authentic. Find inner peace and to be present through self inquiry through curiosity. Life is easier when you use my tools to navigate relationships.

Certified Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Cognitive Behavior Therapist and have been on a self-development journey for 30 years. I'm certified as a Relationship Conflict Resolution Coach.


Rebel with a Cause Book

I co-authored a book with 14 other amazing women who live with neurodiversity and hidden disabilities. It's a book about no more hiding. How we can all learn to know ourselves and work with ourselves to thrive in life and entrepreneurship even with the challenges we face daily. Hide no more!

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Certified Relationship Conflict Resolution

Years of experience: 0

I have researched what creates conflict and how to resolve it for 26+ years. I'm a certified Relationship Conflict Resolution coach. I can help you will tools to start turning your relationship around in one day. I have a simple process. I understand that being overwhelmed and overworked as a parent can leave little room for long programs and workshops. Let's chat.

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