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Christa West


Breastfeeding/Weaning Coach
  • Newborn
  • Increase Supply
Birth & Post Partum Coach
  • Birth Coach
  • Natural Birth Coach
  • Post Partum Coach
  • Cesarean Care
Newborn Care Coach
  • Swaddling
  • Diapering
  • Bathing
  • Soothing
  • Twins Coach
Nutrition Coach
  • For Mom

About me

I am a Licensed Midwife, Lactation Counselor & Mom of twins. I can help guide you through a natural pregnancy, birth & postpartum and answer all of your questions that may come along with this journey. Christa is the owner of Coastal Midwifery, a home birth practice in Davie, FL. She has been a midwife for over 12 years and is passionate about empowering pregnant people and their partners through education. Christa has extensive knowledge and personal experience with breastfeeding. She is a proud mom to identical twin girls Ayla & Savannah who she nursed exclusively for 4 years.

Do you have common pregnancy discomforts and want to know what you can do to alleviate them? I can help with suggestions for dietary supplements, diet changes, exercise, etc to help you cope with these common pregnancy discomforts. Do you have questions on your diet and weight gain in pregnancy? I can review your diet and pinpoint where you need to make changes, give you ideas for snacks and meals, etc. Are you planning a natural birth and want help writing your birth plan? I can help you decide what is important to you during your birth and how to approach your providers about these things. If you are struggling with making a decision on which provider is the best fit for YOUR birth, we can discuss this together to help you make an empowered decision on your birth team. Let’s discuss what questions to ask your provider and what answers are the ones that will leave you confident in your choices! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about other services and questions.


Breastfeeding Counselor

Christa became certified as a breastfeeding counselor in 2014

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Licensed Midwife

Years of experience: 0

Christa has been Licensed with the Department of Health as a Licensed Midwife since 2011

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