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Lauren Giuliano


Kids Behavior Support Coach
  • Toddler
  • Age 4-9
  • Age 10-12
  • Age 13+

About me

Hi! I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and I help parents to build their toolbox of skills to better help their children manage difficult and challenging behaviors. I help assess why behaviors are occurring, and create individualized plans that are easy to follow using evidence-based practices. We will make small, measurable changes that will have big impact on the happiness of the entire family. I am a mother myself, and know how hard it can be when nothing seems to be working. I am here to be in your corner, to support you and teach you strategies to use that are based on the function of the specific behavior.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst supporting parents to better help their children manage difficult and challenging behaviors. Master's Degree in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College. I have worked both in-home and via telehealth with children with various diagnoses, supporting and teaching parents strategies to use based on the function of the behaviors


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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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