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Sadia Arshad


Grief/Loss Coach
Marriage/Relationship Coach
  • Marriage
  • Working Mom
  • Stay at Home Mom
  • Same Sex
  • Co Parenting
Mom Mental Wellness Coach
  • Take Action
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm/Burn Out
  • Post Partum Blues
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Grief Support
  • Single Parent
Birth & Post Partum Coach
  • Post Partum Coach
  • Cesarean Care
Mom Business Coach
  • Social Media
  • Website/Branding
Kids Behavior Support Coach
  • Age 13+
Ask The Teacher
  • Writing
  • Test Prep

About me

Hi! Life can be overwhelming, and I'm here to lend an ear. :) My name is Sadia (she/her). I'm a licensed women's health nurse practitioner and public health professional. I'm super passionate about supporting you as best as I can. Whether it's talking about how to take care of your c-section scar, processing the next phase in your life, or wanting to learn more about your mental health, I'm here for you! By training, I'm a board-certified women's health nurse practitioner in South Florida. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing from Emory University. Prior to nursing school, I worked in public health communications and education for 6 years. I bring my public health experiences into our discussions, as the world of all things parenting can be complex and often isolating. I love all things maternal health, mental health, education, inclusion, and empowerment. I am aware of the realities race, sexuality, income, ability, and more influence someone's lived experience as a parent. As a South Asian woman and woman of color, I'm here to support you no matter what your lived experiences may be. :) I'm here for you!

Culturally Competent & LGBT Friendly Emotional Support ~ Women's Health Nurse


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Registered Nurse

Licensed Registered Nurse since 2020

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Women's Health NP

Board certified and licensed since June 2021

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Masters in Public Health

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Maternal and Child Health Concentration

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Masters of Science in Nursing

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Women's Health Nursing Concentration

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Bachelors of Arts

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Psychology Concentration

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