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Tina Lizzio


Marriage/Relationship Coach
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About me

I am a blessed mother to 3 thriving children, two of whom are in college now. I was married for 11 years and then created an amicable divorce which included a 50/50 successful co-parenting arrangement for the last 12 years. After working in financial markets, real estate and mortgage financing industries for more than 20 years, I transitioned to become an ICF accredited professional coach with a desire to serve others utilizing the knowledge and wisdom I have obtained from my education and life experiences. I am most passionate in supporting clients in resolving issues by discovering new possibilities and developing effective and fulfilling personal and professional connections as I believe the quality of our life experience depends on the quality of our relationships to ourselves, others and life.

WORK HISTORY Relationships and Leadership Coaching ICF PCC since 2018 Mortgage Loan Originator since 2015 Real Estate Sales Associate since 2011 Bentley Management Corp. Investments and Coaching 1996- EDUCATION University of Maryland 1991 B.S. Int'l Bu


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