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Valerie Lundgren


Mom Mental Wellness Coach
  • Take Action
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm/Burn Out
  • Post Partum Blues
  • Clarity of Purpose
Kids Behavior Support Coach
  • Toddler
  • Age 4-9
  • Age 10-12
  • Age 13+
Mom Business Coach
  • Start Up Stage
  • Entrepreneur Next Steps
  • Social Media
Nutrition Coach
  • For Mom

About me

As a coach, I teach you to take the power back into your hands. I will guide you through simple, small health-promoting adjustments to transform your life. I began my journey 18 years ago after having my 1st child and had my first panic attack. After the birth of my son, I struggled with anxiety and later developed Melanoma. This shook me to my core - knowing I needed to make some changes, I embarked on a spiritual journey to help my body heal. I attended school for health coaching taking courses in mindfulness, meditation, heart centered body work and more. As I began to discover my potential to heal, I hungered to gain the knowledge to help others. As a holistic health coach and Reiki practitioner, I teach you to take the power back into your hands. I will personally guide you to making simple health-promoting adjustments that produce real and lasting results. I am here on this earth to empower women who are struggling with anxiety and overwhelmed with emotions. I created a specialized program using Energy work and other holistic and clinical modalities to equip you with tools on your journey of healing. You have the power within to heal, I am here to guide you on that journey.

Anxiety/Emotional Wellness I am certified in EFT, CBT, NLP, Reiki, Emotion Code, Hypnosis, Mindfulness/Meditation and more. As a holistic health coach and Reiki practitioner I integrate The whole body into your healing program.


Reiki Master Certificate

Completion of all levels of Usui Reiki

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Emotion Code Certification

Completed Emotion Code Course to work with Humans and Animals

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HeartMath Certification

Studied Heart Math for Stress and Emotional resiliency

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Youth Mental Health 1st Aid

First aid course in helping children and parents when a child is in crisis's or just needing help with mental health issues.

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Holistic Health Coach

Years of experience: 5

Studied, Whole Body Nutrition and health with IIN in 2018

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Mindfulness Teacher

Years of experience: 7

Certified Mindfulness Teacher with Mindful Schools Organization.

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Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Years of experience: 1

Certified as Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy - I work with phobias, anxiety, limiting beliefs, quit smoking and more.

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