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Nwakaego Nwaifejokwu


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  • Grades K-2
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  • Special Needs

About me

I am a mom and licensed certified teacher with 20 years experience. I fell in love with teaching after volunteering at a preschool. My experience includes general education and special education settings. I love connecting with people and sharing ideas!

Licensed & Certified Teacher Coach (pre-K, K, 1st & 2nd grades) 20+ Yrs of Exp | General. Ed & Special. Ed- NYC DOE teacher | ABA trained therapist | NY state approved Early Intervention Provider | Owner & Founder of Oma Learning Academy an online private tutoring service | Creator & Writer of the parent+educator blog: "The Teachable Tutor's Thoughts"


"The Teachable Tutor's Thoughts" Blog

My blog is for parents and educators, to support the overall development of children whether at home or in the classroom. As a parent and teacher, I recognize that parents are their child's first educator. I wanted to do the research and share my personal experience with other parents as well as classroom teachers in the hope that my blog would provide some insight and thoughts about the how to's of parenting as well as teaching children. You can follow my blog @

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"Learn and Wonder" YouTube Channel

I started my "Learn and Wonder" Youtube channel after creating videos for the students in my classroom. The videos teach children the early learning skills of phonics, reading, writing and math. You can follow my channel @

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Oma Learning Academy

Oma Learning Academy is a tutoring and educational service created by me. I work with directly with students, parents and schools to bring the best of education to students in a school or home setting. Oma Learning Academy focuses on developing the whole child through meaningful collaboration with parents. Visit my website to learn more @

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Licensed General and Special Education Teacher

Years of experience: 20

I have over 20 years of teaching experience, working in public and private school settings.. I received my dual certification as a licensed general and special education teacher from Hunter College. My teaching experience ranges from preschool to college age students. Initially, I worked as a preschool teacher. After which I worked as a special education teacher for three years in a therapeutic setting for children with emotional disturbances. Following these three years, I worked with children on the autism spectrum as an ASD NEST teacher for the NYC Department of Education. I've worked as a general education classroom teacher within the NYC DOE system. Currently I am an approved provider for Early Intervention Services for the New York State Health Department. In addition, I have tutored children from elementary to college age.

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ABA Trained

Years of experience: 6

Trained and experience in delivering ABA to children birth to school age.

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Gifted & Talented Administrator

Years of experience: 9

NYC DOE G&T administrator of assessment and testing coordinator

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