Christmas 2017 Gifts for Grownups

Christmas 2017 Gifts for Grownups

It’s November, which means most people are already listening to their Christmas music station on Pandora! Although I am not one to skip Thanksgiving (because who doesn’t love a holiday that encourages stuffing your face with delicious food?!), I do recognize that being a parent means that planning for the holidays requires a bit more forward-thinking than my pre-kid days!

What makes Christmas a particularly difficult holiday is deciding what to buy for friends and adult family members. What do you get people that seem to have everything? For this post I’ll delve into some gifts that the grown-ups in your life will love! As we get further into the holiday season, more gift guides will be posted, so stay tuned!

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Disclaimer: Some of the items on this list contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

1. SIC Cups – $20+

Know a new parent who would kill to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning?

I use my SIC (Seriously Ice Cold) Cups everyday, and I simply cannot recommend them enough. There is that old joke that all moms have to do to make iced coffee is to make hot coffee and then forget to drink it—but with SIC Cups you (literally) never have to worry about cold coffee again. I was skeptical at first because I have used insulated cups in the past, yet my coffee still was cold within an hour. With SIC Cups, my coffee stays hot for hours, and unlike other brands like Yeti, they don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Some important features include:

  • Lifetime Warranty (!!!)
  • 12 Super Cute Powder Coated Colors
  • The 12oz cups fit easily into your car cupholders (Hallelujah!)

The best part is that you don’t have to use these cups for just coffee: they have different cups to suit your lifestyle. My husband and I use the blue and white cups everyday for water, and when I want to keep my coffee hot when I’m working or wrangling my son, I use the cute pink one. You can also use it to keep your cocktail or chilled wine…well, chilly! With the lifetime warranty, I would even venture to say that these would be great cups for the not-so-adults on your Christmas list this year. Did I mention that they are easy to clean? No? Well, add that to the list of reasons to pick one up.

Interested in grabbing some this holiday season? Go to SIC Cups and be sure to use the discount code ihelpmoms to get 15% off your order, courtesy of IHelpMoms!

2. The Infinity Gauntlet – $18

What better gift for the geek in your life than this bad-ass graphic novel! Written by Jim Starlin, The Infinity Gauntlet is a beautifully brutal piece of literature that focuses on Thanos and his character development. With all of the new Avengers movies coming out and setting the stage for a grand Thanos appearance, this is great graphic novel for your nearest and dearest to add to their geeky collection.

3. Multi-Purpose Breastfeeding Cover/Car Seat Canopy — $17

For winter babies, the right breastfeeding cover can be of the utmost importance—for functionality, but also in looking like the hot mama you (and your mom tribe) are! What makes this gift so great is how multi-functional it is, not to mention, it’s pretty cute. The mama (or mama-to-be) can use it as a fashionable scarf, a car seat canopy to keep her little one warm, a shopping cart cover, and more! At $17, this scarf is really a steal.

4. Super Nintendo Classic — $80

Holy nostalgia, Batman! You’ll be a Yuletide Hero if you gift this bad-boy for Christmas. Much to the delight of 90s kids everywhere, Nintendo re-released the immensely popular Super Nintendo, loaded with several games we all know and love: Super Mario World, Zelda, Super Punch Knock-Out, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, and more! The gift recipient will love lounging around in their jammies on Christmas morning while stomping some Goombas: what more could someone ask for?

5. LEGO Millenium Falcon — $117

If you have a Star Wars fan in your geek tribe (and you really, REALLY love them), the LEGO Millenium Falcon is a sure-fire way in showing that you think they are the bee’s knees. There are a ton of pieces, so if your friend or family member loves building models, this would make a great addition to their collection. Be careful, though—it’s fragile!

6. Mama Java Coffee — $12

This is the mother of all coffee, and would make a great stocking stuffer! Mama Java was made to support real moms on their daily parenting journey. Don’t expect frilly or watered-down coffee, either: this stuff is heavy duty and intended to get you through not just the toddler Target meltdowns, but also the days where you feel you are absolutely killing this whole motherhood thing. There’s even smooth brews for the pregnancy days. My personal favorite is “Until Wine…,” a delicious hazelnut blend that holds you over until you can crack open your alcohol of choice later.

According to their website, you can get 20% off of your purchase with the code COFFEE20! Think the mothers in your life would love it? Go to their website and grab a bag while you can!

7. Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones — $140+

For the music lover in your life, headphones and sound systems can be the difference between a mediocre listening experience and an experience that rocks their world. Beats by Dre undoubtedly has the listening experience that your loved one deserves and will appreciate. Wireless, 40 hours of battery life, easy-to-adjust wear, and improved sound quality from the Solo 2 model means that a previously great product has been made even better. It even has a fast-charge capability, which means your loved one doesn’t have to wait too long to continue the party. They are a little pricey, but in this case worth the expense considering the quality of these headphones and solid Bluetooth connectivity that is both Apple and Android compatible—and they come in a variety of pretty sweet colors. Grab your set today and instantly rise to the top of the “Favorite Persons” list this holiday season.

8. Mike the Mason Complete Wet Shave Kit — $45

Don’t forget the men in your life this holiday season! New dads need some lovin’, too, and they’ll feel it when they open this sweet shaving kit. This kit includes the essentials:

  • A Hawk Razor
  • Honey Oatmeal Shaving Bar
  • Badger Hair Shaving Brush
  • Razor Stand

This would be a great gift for any dude in your life, especially if they are just making the switch from traditional store-bought razors to a higher-quality shaving experience. Need another reason to buy this kit? For every kit purchased, Mike the Mason will donate 5% to different charities around the world. Happy gift recipient AND doing good deeds? That’s something we can get behind.

9. Rick and Morty — $20+

Look, I’m a pickle! Have a friend or family member that is hard to shop for? You need not search anymore, because Rick and Morty is a crowd-pleaser. This cerebral animated comedy is the perfect show to watch in your pajamas while drinking a White Russian (or alcohol in general, if we are being honest). It’s irreverent and very quote-able, so the entertainment lasts even after the episodes are over. Aren’t sure if your friend or family member will like Rick and Morty? If they love Ren and Stimpy, laughing, enjoying life, and bucking social norms, then hell yeah, they’ll love Rick and Morty.

10. The Simple Elephant Day Planner — $20

If you have a Type-A friend who loves lists while also reflecting on their place in the universe, then this planner is for them! Not only does it have weekly and monthly views that you can fill in yourself, but it has cool exercises for setting yearly goals, drawing mind maps, creating vision boards, and stickers. It also has 59 blank pages in the back so you can brainstorm, write grocery lists, or plot world domination: the possibilities are endless! It has a durable cover so your plans are safe from the elements, too. Paired with a set of colorful pens, this would be any master-planner’s organizational wet dream!

For more holiday gifts ideas, check out IHelpMoms Holiday Gift Guide!

What are some gifts that you love to get the grown ups in your life? Let us know in the comments below!


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