I Can't Breastfeed Now What?

I Can’t Breastfeed Now What?

I was always the best parent…before I had kids!
I figured breastfeeding would be a piece of cake and never once even gave formula a thought.
Fast forward 3 kids later…
All of my kids had tongue and lip ties making breastfeeding extremely challenging for me.

The mommy advice giver in all of you is probably coming up with a million responses…get the tongue and lip tie corrected, try a feeding schedule, feed on demand, get a hospital grade pump, call a lactation consultant, buy the teas, buy the cookies, try this oil, RELAX (stop telling me that it just stresses me out lol!)…and I promise you moms,

Yup, I did it all and thousands of dollars later, I just do not make enough milk at the 3 month mark.

With the first baby I battled through it and breastfed non-stop.  I regret not supplementing now.
The second baby, I thankfully got golden donor milk from an angel friend of mine and after that ran out I tried the Whole Food Organic, I tried Gerber, then Enfamil and my baby was just never truly comfortable.
The third baby, my midwife told me about a company called Holle.  It’s a German company, offering what many consider to be the gold standard for organic baby formula, that is one of the healthiest and safest.

  • Here is why I chose Holle from Organic Start:
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Only raw organic ingredients, grown using biodynamic agriculture.
  • Demeter certified farmers with rigorous standards and inspections guarantees a long term supply of only the highest quality ingredients.
  • Advanced ongoing quality control system.
  • Highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements.
  • Guaranteed to be free from genetically modified ingredients (in accordance with EU regulations).
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sugars.

I wish with all of my heart that some one would have told me about this formula with my first baby.  I will have mom guilt everyday for feeding my other babies formula that was full of corn syrup and sugars.  Most of all I see such a HUGE difference with my third baby’s growth, sleep and development using the Holle Formula from Organic Start.

I love the variety of organic formula lines available at Organic Start and we choose the Holle Goat Formula, which has been very easy for my daughter to digest.  But even better I learned about the owner Peter WHO IS A FATHER OF TRIPLETS having a similar story to mine with his kids being uncomfortable, colicky and gassy on regular formula.  

Check out why the Founders of Organic Start are so passionate about helping parents like us get access to the highest quality of formula:

Why Is Organic Formula So Important?
“We started this business after being parents ourselves. Our babies (we had triplets!!) were constantly colicky, fussy, not sleeping comfortably and basically not very happy babies! Being healthy parents ourselves and always being aware of our diets, we decided to research the US baby formulas that we were giving our children. What we found was astonishing! The ingredients were something we would not consume ourselves, let alone a 1 month old baby!

“The [organic formulas] obviously work better because there’s no corn syrups. There’s no corn solids. There’s no sugars,” says Peter. “The milk source itself is of higher standards in Europe. They want quality over quantity. That’s a big factor. But it’s mostly the ingredients. There’s no chemicals. It’s a real organic formula.”

Why isn’t [European formula] allowed here?
I think it’s because the corporations don’t want them here. That’s all it is.”
And Peter’s on the fast track to changing that.
“I have a lot of pediatricians who’ve started to contact me through customers because they’ve seen the changes,” says Petter. “What I’m trying to build now is a network of pediatricians who will give this a chance and who tell their patients to try this formula.”

But breaking into the medical field is no easy feat. Pharmaceutical companies have long held domain expertise in this arena –– and it’s rare for an outsider to make their way in.  Then again, doctors deal with people. And nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth, especially with educated, well-traveled parents already up to speed with the benefits of all-natural foods and diets.

“This doesn’t happen in Europe, but here in the U.S. when a baby gets constipated or colicky, many pediatricians will automatically recommend parents use baby Zantac or just use these horrible formulas,” says Peter. “The more specialized the formula, the worse the ingredients. There are some formulas where the first couple of ingredients are corn syrup and corn solids. You don’t want to feed that to your baby. We find that most kids just have a cow’s protein breakdown problem, so by switching to a goat’s milk, which most people were raised on in the early 1900’s, that resolves the problem instantly.”

This is the type of information Peter is bringing to pediatricians, urging less immediate use of pharmaceuticals and more flexibility in formula makeup.
**Excerpt from Tracey Wallace of Bigcommerce.com

I hope you will enjoy Organic Start’s selection of formula and toys and snacks as much as our family has!
I also want to add that I follow the instructions on the package by adding 2/3 of the warmed water, mixing it with the formula and then adding remaining water.  I found that from months 3 to 6 especially my daughter took it much better and had a great experience when I took the time to mix it correctly. However, for full disclosure I do not boil the water, I just used nursery water.  Here are the official formula preparation instructions,

At ihelpmoms.com we are on a mission to connect moms to the very best resources to Make Motherhood Easier, healthier and happier.  We are proud to have Organic Start as an ihelpmoms.com Approved Company!

Thank you Peter, for keeping my daughter growing with the healthiest, safest formula!  Our family is truly appreciative of your passion for helping parents gain access to the top organic formula brands and products!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,
ihelpmoms.com Founder/ CEO


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