Can You Have The Best Of All Worlds??

I had a very, very interesting situation occur last night on a mom board with a mom giving her opinion on chiropractic and it made me wonder what happened to having respect for others?   I am SERIOUSLY the luckiest woman alive to be married to an athletic, smart, caring, ChiropracTOR who helps thousands of kids and families to stay healthy and happy.  Especially with what I personally have been going through these last few weeks, I can say with certainty he is ALWAYS there for me through sickness and health…but more on that in a minute! The good news is this mom made me really ponder the question of is ONE WAY, ONE OPINION the right way?  Why are we so fast to judge?

AdjustmentThese last couple of weeks have been an absolute roller coaster as I journey to see if the holistic and medical perspectives can co-exist.  As I have expanded my own learning, knowledge and professional contacts, I continue to wonder:


We experience life from our perspective, but it is SO SO Important to understand there are ALOT of perspectives out there. And most importantly to understand that IT IS YOUR FAMILY YOUR CHOICE.  YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE.  YOUR BABY YOUR CHOICE.
Trust me, over the last couple of weeks, I have found this out FIRST HAND!

WE DON’T HAVE TO LIVE LIFE IN ONE PERSPECTIVE IF WE DON’T WANT TO! We can respect and be open to a wide variety of options to find what works best for us and for our family.  THIS is EXACTLY why I created for moms to find AMAZING providers in a VARIETY of fields, professions that specialize in helping moms!

Recently I got a mammogram and it kept coming back abnormal.  I got third and fourth opinions  I am definitely a holistic person, but as a mom of two kids under 3, I made the decision to go to  a breast surgeon and he recommended a breast biopsy to extract the suspicious calcifications.  I felt tormented for weeks as I heard my holistic colleagues telling me to try things naturally and my medical friends and colleagues telling me to go in for the biopsy immediately.  I STOOD UP FOR MYSELF, GOT EDUCATED and made the best decision for me.  I went to Dr. Stephen Silver and got my blood tests, I went to a natural blood lab for another examination of what was going on with my cells and immune system, I went to my friends who have breast cancer, my contacts that are in remission, a surgeon, a thermography expert and I researched everything.

biopsy tableI can tell you today was a crazy day of feelings wondering if this breast biopsy is going to come back malignant or benign.   I have two kids under 3! I keep telling myself that I need to be okay and that God has a plan! I eat clean, I exercise, I get adjusted, I don’t use toxic cleaners and you know what my Doctors are finding is that for me much of what is happening is hereditary.  So many feelings warring inside of me.

Sitting by myself this morning I was in awe that NONE of the staff smiled when I walked in or greeted me except to as for my insurance card. So different from the friendly chiropractic offices I am used to!  I then was asked over and over for paperwork I didn’t have because their own staff hadn’t printed it out yet.  My anxiety was absolutely at an all time high this morning.  Then they took me into a room with a huge table, bright lights and needles lying next to the table.  YIKES.  Was this going to hurt?  Would I be able to pick up my baby when this was done?  The nurse and Doctor did NOT have time for my questions, so I lay on the table face down with my neck in a horrible position while the nurse pinched and grabbed my breast trying to get the image they needed for the biopsy.  After so many painful attempt the nurse then had to do even worse series of mammograms standing up.  I have had 2 natural home births, so my tolerance is high and these standing mammon WERE PAINFUL as she continued to squeeze my breast.

Finally, after 15 images of my breast (OUCH) were taken (totally sucks as I DID NOT anticipate this and felt helpless) then the nurse says they might have to take me to the Operating Room.  HUH?  I have two kiddos waiting for me and laundry and dinner to do.  The doctor came back in approved the LAST image and completed the biopsy.  I lay awkwardly on the table with my neck torqued all the way to the left and so happy my poor left breast was FINALLY completely numb as I know it is going to hurt like a mother tomorrow after so many consecutive mammograms.

Dr-Stephen-Silver-2ysvs9bl1tlj1j1rxucw74First thing I did when I got out of there was go to my chiropractor for an adjustment as my neck was killing me after the awkward biopsy position.  I implemented all of the vitamins and minerals my amazing Primary Doctor Dr. Stephen Silver (who actually cares about my family) recommended.  Moving forward I will use thermography to measure any change in my body and pray that my biopsy comes back okay.

So YES! The answer is you can merge the holistic and the medical world.  I have been very humbled in this journey with my breast tissue fight to work with both worlds.  Let me tell you after my experience today laying on a cold hospital bed for hours in awkward, painful positions that we should stop judging each other and LOVE EACH OTHER MORE.  You can never walk a mile in another moms shoes, but you can be kind and respectful.

7668197_1450297208.0515OH and don’t spend one minute feeling bad for me as there are SO many people going through way more serious things!  If you want to do something AMAZING for a local family that TRULY could use some great caring help I highly recommend making a difference for a family battling cancer here:!

And finally, I had peace of mind knowing that come February whether this is benign or malignant my husband and I have a rock solid will and estate plan in place for our girls.  That provides true peace as well for me a- a special thanks to Elise Rodriguez, P.A. for her amazing insight and I highly recommend her consultation for planning not only tangible assets to pass on but also your values and principles as well.