Can Moms Balance Business and Motherhood?

Can Moms Balance Business and Motherhood?

Being a mom and a business owner can feel overwhelming, daunting and sometimes downright scary.  But it is also where I have found some of my greatest fulfillment as a woman.  As a mom with goals and ambitions, along with and beyond the amazing achievement of raising kids, I often wonder what other mommy entrepreneurs raising families feel.  So I set out on a quest to learn from some of the most amazing moms and female business owners in our family expert village.  I asked what their advice is to moms who want to own their own businesses, all while being the best moms we can be!

“It will take time, it will take commitment and you might fail at first BUT don’t give up.  If you never try, you will never know how far you will go!” 
Lisa- Coral Springs Doula Owner

“Anything worth pursuing always takes work.  Just don’t give up. And pray!” 
Daniela- Bella Rosa Photography Owner

“When setting out to accomplish your vision, make sure to dedicate the time to lizzys-gardenresearch the industry you are entering.”
Jennifer- Lizzy’s Garden Organic Baby Food Owner

“The support of friends and family makes a huge difference!”
Lisa- Coral Springs Doula Owner

“Don’t worry about finding the perfect balance, find harmony.  I strive to find harmony each day in the midst of whatever situation we are in that day with the priority always that the kids are well taken care of.”

Dr. Stefanie-Atlas Chiropractic Owner

“Know without a doubt what your top 5 most important things in your life are.  When things get tough, go back to this list and the decisions become less difficult to make.”
Marcela- The Human Therapist

“Release the idea that you will find balance.  It is not balance you should seek but peace. Are you are peace with yourself and your ambitions? “Natalie Sager/ Modern Hippie Mama
Natalie- HeWeLoHa

“Embrace Adversity as a great teacher.  Ask yourself how obstacles that come your way can become opportunities.”
Marcela- The Human Therapist

“As a mom and business owner, I have never followed any rules or regulations, but instead I always have followed what my innate has told me.  No matter what, your children love you, as long as you see the perfection in them, love them, set a positive example for them.”
Dr. Marilyn- Shore Chiropractic Owner

Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  Success in entrepreneurship and motherhood comes when you embrace your authentic self.  Your destiny awaits you.  Go for it! 

“Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is a priority.”marcelatopf
Marcela- The Human Therapist

“When I face big choices, I think about what will make ME happy.  Because I know…Happy Mommy, Happy Child.”  
Dr. Marilyn- Shore Chiropractic Owner

If you are a mommy business owner, we hope these fellow women have inspired you! You are not alone and we celebrate your vision to make a positive impact in the world! We welcome ALL entrepreneurs at who are family experts helping kids and moms to be healthy and happy!  Join us for FREE to promote the great things you are doing to help families!

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