Can I Achieve a Pain Free Natural Birth? Hypnobirthing Part II

I had a huge break through at Hypnobirthing classes today.  I realized at my first birth, I wanted everything to go perfect for my husband, for me to exhibit an ideal birth for others and to provide my birth team with an easy birth. It’s in my personality to always want to help everyone else, so it is foreign for me to think about what I need. Because my focus wasn’t where I needed it to be I did not achieve my optimal birth experience.

I learned two important lessons today during class that helped me get clear on what I will do differently for this second birth:
1. Today we started the class watching video of two hypnobirths, one in the hospital setting and one at home. Both were so peaceful and so beautiful. I cracked up laughing at the nurses freaking out because they didn’t believe the mom could be so calm as the baby crowned, so they didn’t have time to call the doctor. The mom was perfectly relaxed, following hynobirthing breathing while the nurses looked like chickens with their heads cut off! The delivery was unbelievably beautiful and the baby was so calm upon delivery. It was exactly what I desire. The homebirth video was also empowering to watch as the mom simply surrendered to her inborn motherly wisdom, giving birth in the water. She provided commentary throughout explaining that she felt no pain and the connection she had with her baby once she held it for the first time was breathtaking.

It is so important to see the type of birth you want to have so you know it is possible and to continually visualize what you want in your birth experience. Walking out of class today I have tremendous clarity on my own birth desires.

2. We then moved onto actual relaxation exercises from the Mongan Method of Hypnobirth. Being Type A, I never, ever believed that I could achieve a deep level of relaxation. Today as I listened to Dr. Vivian Keeler lead the exercise I started to visualize the color white enveloping my body.

Then my mind wandered to whether or not my husband was going to remember to bring water to the festival he was taking my toddler to. I quickly reminded myself this class was for my baby to be and was able to re-center my thoughts. I continued to listen to Dr. Keeler lead the relaxation and I was able to go deeper, feeling my body completely relax. My mind finally released all thoughts and I was connected to my baby to be who was moving like I have never felt before. It was so powerful and moving to connect to my unborn child using these hypnobirth techniques.

I now have a much deeper understanding of the essential nature of being prepared mentally and physically for labor and delivery. I desire a peaceful birth working with my body and I want my baby to enter into the world in a calm environment. The greatest athletes in the world are training daily physically, emotionally, nutritionally and physiologically. Giving birth is the most athletic thing I have ever done in my life and I know hypnobirth is an important aspect of my training as I prepare for birth number 2.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore if hypnobirthing will help me attain a peaceful birth!
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